Australia’s first season of worldwide survival competition series Alone will be filmed in Tasmania. Could you survive its harsh and unique environment? You’ll be able to find out in 2023!


Tasmanian Minister for the Arts, Elise Archer, has announced that the first season of Alone Australia will be filmed in Tasmania. The original format of the show started in America but is now a worldwide phenomenon, having been held in Patagonia, British Columbia, Northern Mongolia, Canada’s Northwest Territories, and northern Norway.



Ten participants will be dropped, separately into the remote Tasmanian wilderness with only their survival skills to rely on. They’ll have to hunt for their food, build their own shelter and keep themselves safe. There will be no camera crew, no devices, no food drops, no cheating! Contestants will document their journey, showcasing their daily struggles to an audience of millions for the chance to win $250,000.


Minister Archer says that in order to ensure the production is ‘safe and sustainable’, a number of stakeholders have been consulted. Screen Tasmania has worked with SBS, ITV Studios Australia, local councils, landowners and the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service to ensure the protection of the ‘sensitive and unique Tasmanian environment’.


SBS began recruiting for the show alongside ITV Studios Australia in February of 2022, with the series to be aired on SBS and SBS on Demand in 2023. Because the show includes contestants hunting and eating wild animals, it remains to be seen where exactly in Tasmania the show will take place.

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Australia is known for its strict hunting and fishing laws, unlike some of the other locations Alone has previously been filmed in. Although hunting is permitted on some public lands, there are restrictions; hunting is seasonal, there are a few select species you can hunt and there are limitations on the ways in which you can hunt.

Despite the uncertainty of the logistical reality of filming Alone, it is nonetheless a great economic, social and cultural gain for Tasmania that is expected to increase tourism, boost employment and further develop a blossoming production industry.

Feature image thanks to @fungshuay