You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Think Global, Act Local’ when conserving our natural world? But what does Act Local look like?

Explorer Cameron Doyle, together with his partner, Ellie and dog, Pops are cruising the East Coast of Australia finding legends getting their hands dirty and having a positive environmental impact in their local communities.

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We Planted Sydney's Missing Seaweed and Now It's Having Sex

We bring the cameras to our community planting event and sit down with Operation Crayweed to learn about seaweed sex.


The Simple Way You Can Help Stop Rubbish Ending Up in the Ocean

We all know rubbish doesn’t belong in the ocean. Sure, we can keep picking it up off our beaches, but what if we could stop it from being created in the first place?


Meet the Young Guns Making Landcare Adventurous

When you think of landcare, what comes to mind? Is it a bunch of 18-35 year-olds planting trees and dancing? That’s what it looks like for the crew at Gippsland Intrepid Landcare.


How a Grassroots Movement is Helping End Native Logging in Victoria

Did you hear that Victoria will end native forest logging by the end of this year? These things don’t just happen by themselves. They take many helping hands.


This Crew of Frothers Want to Save Australia’s Pow

Australia’s current snow season got off to a bumpy start and Sam Quirke wants to make sure it doesn’t dry up any more.


Meet The Man Giving New Life to Old Adventure Gear

Step into Evan Howard’s workshop. There are pants blown out beyond repair, a Barc’teryx dog jacket made of upcycled, down and a bunch of sewing machines.


This Surfer Doesn’t Want You to Kook It on Climate Action

In-between ‘surfing her brains out,’ Belinda Baggs is growing a sea-roots movement of surfers who are taking climate action and protecting the Australian coastline.


How OCEAN is Protecting Our Seas From Seismic Testing

Cameron Doyle’s parked up in Apollo Bay, turned down the town’s famed scallop pie and jumped on local fisherman Trev’s boat to chat with grassroots activist Lisa Deppler from OCEAN.


How This Trail Runner Is Protecting Australia’s Wild Places

All aboard! The Explorer Bus is hitting the road to bring you stories of grassroots conservationists in our brand-new YouTube series, Act Local.