After months of heated anticipation, Alone Australia is premiering on SBS with a double episode this Wednesday 29th of March at 7:30pm. If you’re not foaming at the mouth waiting to watch it, are you even an Explorer?


Here’s our seven-step guide to hosting an Alone Australia viewing party that may leave your mates wishing they were in the depths of Tassie instead.

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1. Never Watch Alone Alone

Whatever you do, don’t start watching this series by yourself. Watching Alone is like watching the Olympics – the best part about it is picking apart highly skilled people’s mistakes and commenting to your friends about how you could do it better, all from the comfort of your lounge. 

So get your mates on the blower and tell them to get their butts to your loungeroom, (BYO blankie). If they’re not interested, find someone else, anyone else. 

Text your siblings, write your Nan, call out the window to folks walking by on the street, let your barista know your place is the place to be. The more the merrier and the fewer the lonelier, just like the show.


@anetakpawlik on Unsplash

2. Serve Up a Legit Outdoor Meal

If you’re having people over you’ve gotta feed them!

For canapes, dry out that kangaroo meat you’ve got stashed in the freezer to make some national-emblem jerky. You’ve got emu meat in there too? Now we’re talking!

As for mains, head into the backyard, crank the Jetboil and get to zip-locking all of your favourite this-definitely-tastes-like-the-meal-on-the-packet dehydrated meals. For an air of elegance, serve them up on actual plates with metal cutlery. Your guests will be begging you for the recipes, trust me.


Hut-to-Hut Hiking Through Kosiuszko's Kerries Range, Zac de Silva, Kosciuszko National Park, dehydrated meal, dinner, food

Yummy scrummy | Photo by @zac_desilva

3. Shake Up a Nature-Inspired Cocktail

Think of all those sweet native flavours that you could put to use in an Alone Australia-inspired cocktail. 

Like crystal-clear saltwater scooped from Jervis Bay, fine red dirt collected from the deserts of Central Australia, flavoursome lichen scraped off rocks at the Bay of Fires, and a palm frond from the depths of the Daintree Rainforest to garnish.

If that doesn’t tickle your guests’ fancy, untreated water from the Barkaa / Darling River should quench their thirst. Sprinkle with a tuft of grass from the backyard and gum leaf zest for extra tang.

4. Don’t Forget to Decorate

C’mon, this is a party! You gotta put in a bit of effort to get the vibe going. Hang a net trap from the ceiling, build a crappy shelter made of sticks, stack a bunch of wet wood in a teepee shape as a dud campfire centrepiece. Try to bring the outdoors in. 

Or you could just push all your furniture to the side and whip out all those tattered camp chairs you keep in the shed.

5. Come Dressed for Adventure

If you’ve got decorations, you need costumes. Tell your mates to chuck on their best flannel shirt, strap on their toughest boots, zip up their cargo pants, and pack their flint. They’ve got to look the part. 

You’ll be naked wearing a bear skin coat, naturally.


6. Host a Tipping Competition

Everyone will have their thoughts on who of the ten Alone contestants is most likely to come out on top – you might as well try and make some money out of it! 

Here’s how to do it;

  • Have everyone who attends, (yep even Nan) submit their tip for who they think the overall winner will be. Carve the list into a tree in your backyard
  • Have everyone chuck $20 into a camping pot and put the lid on (careful not to put it on the flaming camp stove)
  • Each time an Alone contestant is eliminated, exile the people who tipped them to win
  • By the final episode, the winners (both of Alone and the tipping comp) will be the only ones left standing. The tipping winner claims the pot of lobsters
  • If more than one person tipped the winner, it’s only fair to fight to the death

7. For Pete’s Sake, Get the Deets Right!

All your hard work will come undone if you miss this crucial step – get the time right! Imagine your mates rocking up in their camo get up and they’ve come a day too early, what a palaver!

Date: Wednesday 29th of March
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
TV channel: SBS

No TV? You can also stream Alone Australia on SBS on Demand. Just make sure to make an account first and log in beforehand so you don’t keep your guests waiting.

The series will be streamed on SBS on Demand in five additional languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

Now you’re all set for a wild night of survival in the comfort of your own home. Good luck!


Feature photo by Tom Wheatley on Unsplash