The survivalist reality show Alone is coming to Australia in 2022, and casting is now open.


If you’re into the world of survivalist reality TV, then it’d be a miracle if you hadn’t stumbled across Alone. If you haven’t heard of it, the general gist of the show is that 10 survival experts are dropped into the wilderness with one mission; to live alone in the wild, for as long as they can, documenting their journey every step of the way.

Other than medical check-ins, they’re completely on their own. Only themselves and what’s on their back; just 10 items with them from an approved list – which isn’t a lot but still a bit of a step up from Naked and Afraid.

That’s right there’s not even a camera crew around to intervene when things get sticky, the show is called Alone for a reason. Without human contact, they have no way of knowing how many other contestants are left, and with records of previous winners lasting 100 days, the mental game is just as serious as physical.

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So What Can We Expect from Alone Australia?

Alone Australia is meant to be filmed from June onwards in 2022, and air sometime in 2023. It will be following the format of the American original, and see that 10 Australians are dropped in remote wilderness to be “challenged by the merciless forces of nature and hunger as they compete for a life-changing prize.”

However, SBS casting is seeking a diverse range of self-reliance experts. The casting call states that they’re looking to represent Australia’s population, particularly looking for people with advanced survival skills who identify as culturally and linguistically diverse, First Nations, people with disability, LGBTQIA+, women and other lived experiences which are traditionally under-represented on screen.

In an interview with The Guardian, SBS’s head of documentaries, Joseph Maxwell, emphasised that Alone Australia is hoping to showcase First Nations knowledge suggesting that,


‘ [First Nations knowledge] is integral to the show. We’re always on First Nations land. And I think one of the things Alone has done quite usefully, with some of the First Nations Canadian stories, is effortlessly thread in that acknowledgment of the lands we’re on, that there might be certain customs or traditions that we’re able to inform people about. ‘

Sounds like fun?

If showing off your survivalist prowess sounds like fun (or maybe winning a cash prize is more your speed), SBS is currently casting for Alone Australia.

You must be over 18 at the time of applying, and have the requisite skills, experience, stamina and strength to take part in the ultimate survival challenge. The application includes 30-40 mins worth of questions regarding your survivalist level but you aren’t expected to know every question or have expertise in every level of survival – just answer as honestly and as accurately as you can.

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out highlights from Alone season 8 here.



Feature image sourced from SBS Australia