Tune in to hear We Are Explorers Founder, Henry Brydon, spin a yarn with survival expert Alex Mileham and find out what you should really do if you find yourself in a life or death situation in the bush.


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Watching contestants on Alone Australia grit their way through a Tasmanian winter got us thinking about whether we could survive out there. Would we know what to do in a real survival situation? Would you hunker down and build a shelter or set palm trees on fire Pirates of the Caribbean style? 

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We picked the brains of Alex Mileham, the chief instructor at Survival Courses Tasmania, to find out what to do if you get lost in the bush.

Keen to get some survival tools and techniques under your wilderness belt? Survival Courses Tasmania has courses for complete beginners all the way to advanced survival training where you can learn natural navigation, lighting fires, trapping and wilderness fishing, how to build emergency shelters and so much more. 



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Photo thanks to Survival Courses Tasmania