Currently Only Accepting ‘Explore’ Pieces

COVID-19 has hit everyone hard, and unfortunately, this includes We Are Explorers and our editorial budget. For the moment we will only be able to commission pieces for our Explore vertical. This means microadventures, expeditions, road trips and playgrounds that get pinned on the Explore Map. Download our info pack to learn more.

In the meantime, keep sitting on those feature articles, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to publish them again.

We Are Explorers was built by the Explorer Project.

The Explorer Project crew are a rowdy bunch of writers, photographers and videographers from across Australia and New Zealand who can’t bear to be cooped up behind four walls. They scour the land for the best adventures, the juiciest stories and most beautiful spots they can find.

Members of the Explorer Project do the outdoors justice through high-calibre photography, punchy writing and raw cinematography. They’re storytellers, looking to spread the stoke of real experiences in nature.

From microadventures to multi-day epics, inspiring tales of courage to the best way to bake a potato on the coals, the Explorer Project crew are a rare breed. Keen to get in on the fun?

Benefits of joining the Explorer Project

  • You’ll be part of Australia’s fastest-growing adventure community
  • We’ll reimburse you for your contributions when we publish them
  • Huge exposure on a website and social feed that people (and brands) love
  • Potential for paid trips, gear reviews and discounts
  • Entry into the VIP Explorer Project Facebook Group – a hub of engaged outdoor creators and Explorers
  • Tickets to talks, screenings and rad, outdoor-focused events
  • We Are Explorers merch
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