Blue Mountains

Massive sandstone cliffs and canyons, towering rock formations, limestone caves and some of the best bushwalking in NSW, if not Australia, make their home just west of Sydney. The Blue Mountains is a section of the Great Dividing Range that’s a serious must for Explorers of any skill level. Don’t just check out the Three Sisters, get down into those valleys and find yourself some proper seclusion.

From hiking to canyoning, waterfalls to dog friendly walks (yep, it’s not all national park!) there’s something for everyone in the Blue Mountains.


Feature photo: @hikeandseek


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Frequently Asked Questions About the Blue Mountains

Where’s the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are part of the Great Dividing Range and are between one and two hour’s drive west of Sydney or two hours by train.

When’s the best time to visit the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains is a year-round destination. In the higher areas around 1000m above sea level summer temperatures average around 23°C, much cooler than Sydney, while the lower Blue Mountains will often have a similar climate to Sydney. Winter in the Blue Mountains can be very cold, so pack a warm jacket!

Is the Blue Mountains rainy?

While not particularly more rainy than Sydney, the Blue Mountains is known for being colder and having more drizzly, consistent rain than Sydney. Pack a rain jacket!

Where’s Blue Mountains National Park?

The Blue Mountains National Park is spread out over 260,000 hectares and forms part of the Great Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, which is a UNESCO site. Many natural spaces in the Blue Mountains are protected national park (so no dogs!) but not everywhere is included. Check the national parks website for more information.

Is the Blue Mountains worth a day trip?

Definitely, it’s worth a few! If you only have time for one day, headings to Katoomba will allow you to easily access many of the highlights due to their strong tourist infrastructure.

Should I be worried about bush fires in the Blue Mountains?

Bush fire is a risk in the Blue Mountains during the warmer months and it’s not recommended to go on long or remote hikes when the fire danger is high. That being said, it is generally safe to explore the area – always check local alerts before you head out and check out our guide to bush fire safety.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge that this land on which we tread, whilst beautiful and revered by us, has even deeper layers of significance for its Traditional Owners; we pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

We Are Explorers is aware that the land is never truly being explored anew, given the ancient cultures that came before us who still call this land their home.