We Are Explorers was founded to share the beauty and power of the natural world, and the joy that comes from exploring near and far. Nature’s a real place, we’re real people, and this authenticity flows through all that we do.

All of the editorial and news content on We Are Explorers is fact checked, well-researched, and based on both real world experience and reliable sources. This is incredibly important and we are constantly reviewing our work to ensure it meets these standards.

We aim to provide fair reporting of the facts and allow them to guide our content decisions, rather than politics. As a B-Corp, we are held to a high ethical standard, and this means an increased focus on underserved communities, Indigenous Australians, and threats to the environment.

We Are Explorers is also about connecting people and growing community. This means our tone is positive and inclusive. The outdoors is for everyone and we intend to make our site welcoming for all visitors.

While we sometimes write satire, we will always avoid content that excludes, gatekeeps, or negatively targets particular groups. We also avoid content that thrives off sensationalism or gains views through deception.


What do we mean by ‘In Partnership’?

The above standards affect which brands we partner with and our editorial decisions. Becoming a B-Corp confirmed that we’re committed to balancing profit with purpose and using our business as a force for good.

You’ll always know when you’re reading sponsored content, as we’re proud to promote the brands we’ve chosen to work with.


Diversity of Voice

We Are Explorers is actively working to amplify the voices and creative efforts of Indigenous Australians, the LGBTQIA+ community, and female contributors, along with other underrepresented groups in the outdoor space. If this sounds like you, please reach out to editorial@weareexplorers.co



While we make every effort to publish the most accurate and up-to-date information, we are a small team and sometimes mistakes are made. Other issues with articles are also possible, such as areas that are no longer culturally acceptable to visit, or harmful viewpoints that slip through our editing process.

We’re always willing to listen and learn from our mistakes, and where possible we will leave articles up and call out corrections, to allow our readers to learn with us. That’s the beauty of digital publishing.


Affiliate Links

Affiliate links allow us to monetise content and recommendations in articles that we’d already produce. Different links may pay a commission per click, or when you make a purchase of a product, and we always aim to call this out in articles where it is present.

We follow an ‘Editorial First’ approach to affiliate linking, considering our audience interests, company goals, and B-Corp commitments, before the possible products or experiences we could link to.


Gear Reviews

Our Gear Reviews are completely objective and our assessment of a product cannot be bought by any brand. We sometimes receive gear from brands to use and abuse but they provide it knowing we will not hold back if it falls short in any way. We will make a note if the gear was provided for review purposes. Alternatively, some reviews arise out of gear we paid for ourselves, or from contributors because we/they love the gear so much, swear by it and want others to enjoy it.


A Small Disclaimer

The info offered by We Are Explorers (on its website and affiliated pages) is advice only, and while all care is taken to ensure its accuracy, please consider your own skills and circumstances before embarking on rad adventures.

Take ownership of your safety, appreciate the inherent risks in the outdoors, and get further advice if appropriate. Above all, be excellent to each other!


Get In Touch!

Love what we’re doing? Hate it? Got a suggestion on how we can improve the site or help you get out there? You can get in touch with our editors directly, just email editorial@weareexplorers.co

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