Find Adventures In Tasmania

Ah Tassie, land of ancient forests, epic bushwalks and possibly some very small marsupial tigers. It might not be the warmest part of Australia but it is one of the most magical, which means there’s plenty of scope for squeezing the maximum juice from your outdoors time.

Discover adventures in Tasmania, by finding the best hikes, secret swimming holes, camping sites, waterfalls and picnic spots.


Choose from one or more of the experiences below and journey around the map to see where they're found.


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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge that this land on which we tread, whilst beautiful and revered by us, has even deeper layers of significance for its Traditional Owners; we pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

We Are Explorers is aware that the land is never truly being explored anew, given the ancient cultures that came before us who still call this land their home.