Founded in 2014, We Are Explorers is an exciting new-media company spreading the power and excitement of the outdoors to over 1 million people a month.


Many believe that professional urban life means regular and genuine adventure is all but impossible.

We’re storytellers who make adventure and nature more accessible for urban outdoorspeople.


Living and travelling responsibly, we strive to leave the world a better place than when we found it.

We are enviromental custodians who celebrate and protect our wild places.


Uniting, inspiring and facilitating the explorer within us all to discover adventure on their doorstep.

We’re an inclusive community of microadventurers.


Disconnection, spending time in nature and living sustainably has never been more vital.

We’re focused on positive mental health and wellness.


We’re A Certified B Corporation®

Business isn’t just about stacking cash. We believe business can be a force for good, so in 2020 we became a Certified B Corporation® after a rigorous assessment.

We’re now part of a movement of companies committed to the highest environmental and social standards. We’re here to shake up the economy and work towards a better world, because change only happens when you make it. You in?

Meet the crew
Henry Brydon / Founder

Founder of We Are Explorers, he's always on the rummage for fresh experiences, adventure and all round soul nourishment. He rode a push bike from London to Sydney over two years in search of the ultimate adventure; a 38,000km journey through 30 countries that showed him the beauty of the world and the relieving qualities of chafage cream.

Tim Ashelford / Head of Editorial

Tim's a trail runner, rock climber and skier who's stoked to pull together stories of adventure from around Australia each week as the Editor of We Are Explorers. He's passionate about inspiring people to challenge themselves outdoors and build their love for the environment through experiences in the natural world.

Jonathan Tan / Social Media Manager & Campaign Producer

Jono is a creator with an adventurous spirit. His love for wild places developed from his experiences with the natural world around the globe and he's happiest when sharing the stoke of the outdoors with others. With a passion for documenting the real stories beyond the big smoke, he's always primed for the next adventure.

Bee Stephens / Digital Campaign Producer

Bee loves the ocean and exploring the outdoors. Grabbing photos and stories whilst she adventures in Oz and if her pennies allow on trips overseas. She's the happiest surfing in Byron with her friends or hiking through local National Parks!

Amy Fairall / News and Features Editor

Since her first overseas trip to the tiny island nation of Kiribati, Amy has been hankering to discover all of the lesser-known places. An avid environmentalist, Amy is passionate about doing her part to keep nature wild and preserve it for the next-gen of Explorers (and this one too, let’s be real). A jack of all adventures but master of none, she'll give everything a go once.

Mattie Gould / Gear Editor

Mattie spends most of his time on two wheels, enjoying the rad selection of trails around his home town of Canberra. Off the bike, he can be found searching for the stoke on his skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, slackline and any other shredding device he can lay his hands on. Mattie loves documenting his adventures with paper and pen, occasionally going digital with laptop and camera.

Olivia Burton / Event Producer

Liv is an eco-writer, producer, science grad & ocean lover. After moving from London to Sydney, she found her devotion to the outdoors, which led her to start writing about sustainability. She now splits her time between several not-for-profit organisations, traveling & attempting to surf tiny waves.

Heather Porter / Event Producer

Heather is an Aussie Adventuress who loves mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, and anything else that involves being outdoors. Heather is also the Founder of the Hike It Out campaign, making explorers responsible for their rubbish and any they find along the way.