Alone Australia captured the nation’s attention and Gina Chick became a household name. Now Gina’s back, along with season 2 of this incredible show, but the location might not be so familiar.


This article contains spoilers for season 1 of Alone Australia.


Season two of Alone Australia will land on our screens in 2024 along with a companion podcast hosted by none other than Gina herself.

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Interview with Gina Chick – Winner of Alone Australia, promo photo, SBS

Gina Chick captured the hearts of many on Alone Australia Season 1

Where is Alone Australia Season 2 located?

The location for season 2 of Alone Australia will be the South Island of New Zealand. So, not really Australia anymore. The format however, remains unchanged: another 10 contestants will compete to be the last to survive. In the most extreme mountainous terrain, they’ll have to deal with exposure, hunger, and isolation for a prize of $250,000.

Head of unscripted programs at SBS, Joseph Maxwell told The Guardian the new setting ‘enabled whole new strategies’ that weren’t seen in season 1 of the show. Tasmania had strict hunting regulations that restricted what the contestants could do to enable their survival.

‘By choosing New Zealand we’re able to introduce bows and arrows, which brings in whole new strategies and skills sets,’ Joseph says.

Allowing hunting in season 2 also allows First Nations stories to be told according to Joseph, ‘We’re on Māori land now and are able to tell those stories’. This will bring a different dynamic to season 2 which should be interesting for fans.

Joseph goes on to say they also deliberately chose a place that is very cold and wet, and contestants can expect snow and freezing winds.

Part of an international franchise, season 1 of Alone Australia became the breakout hit of the year. It turned out to be the most successful show SBS has ever commissioned with more than one million viewers each episode.

The inclusion of active hunting and the stunning environment is sure to make for an impressive series, but some fans are sure to be disappointed that season 2 won’t be showcasing the unique challenges of the Australian environment.


Alone Australia season 1 was set in a harsh environment where food was very scarce.

Gina Chick is Back

Gina quickly became a fan favourite due to her authentic personality alone with her incredible knowledge and skill in the wilderness.

Gina will return as host of the companion recap podcast for season two of Alone Australia. For those who love Gina, you’ll also be excited to hear she’ll be co-hosting season two of Great Australian Walks alongside Juila Zemiro and Susie Youssef.


Hiking in Arthurs Pass, A Road Trip Across New Zealand's South Island – From Coast to Coast, Myrthe Braam

New Zealand’s South Island is the location for Alone Australia Season 2 | @__myrt__

When can we watch Alone Australia Season 2?

As yet there is no release date, but season 1 was aired early in the year, so hopefully we will see it early in the new year…watch this space and we’ll keep you updated.

You can expect that the series will be viewable on SBS as well as SBS On Demand.

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