Tim recaps a chunky double episode finale that saw Alone Australia cover a whopping 37 wild days in lutruwita.


G’day survival fans, welcome to my final recap for the season. Please don’t cry, there’s enough of that on the telly. The hype has been sensational though. I was sure the show would be wrapping up soon after a month.

There are three people remaining, Michael, who hasn’t eaten any protein yet, Mike, who’s managed to eat some eel and trout, and Gina, who’s eaten a LOT of trout.

It’s all going to be revealed in the next *checks notes* two hours, or you can just read this recap, it’s one big spoiler. As Nedd Brockmann would say, ‘Let’s GOOOOO’.

Watching that intro intently this time (because they change it every ep?) it’s clear that we should see Gina lick a tree (unless she did that ages ago and I’ve forgotten), and Mike make a new trap. We’ve also been teased again with the ‘holy shit’ soundbite from Gina, this time without any possum on the ground. Let’s hope for no tricky editing hey?

We’ve also been given a T.S. Elliot quote, ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’ Hmm, was that really him? Where is the talk of hulking streets and sour men with doffed caps in lewd alleyways? Sorry, big T.S. fan/sadboi over here.

Let’s tuck in, but first, predictions! These came from my mate Tom and I agreed with them before the show: Michael taps, Mike is medically evacuated, and Gina wins. Why do I agree? Because I don’t reckon Michael’s about to get better at finding food (soz), Mike is very unlikely to tap, but often makes risky or high energy decisions that haven’t paid off, and Gina still seems to be (mostly) enjoying herself and finding enough food, including greens.

P.S. I’ve changed the format again to day-by-day. If that annoys you you’re entitled to a full refund.


What you all look like waiting for this recap to finally come out

Episode 10 – Day 30

We’ve made it to a proper month gang. You can all go home, Mike says so!

Phwoar, it got down to -two degrees overnight, not good considering Michael’s shelter is just a tarp post-move. That wouldn’t trap much warmth.

I think there’s frost on the ground, just waiting for him to confirm. And confirm. Yep, definitely frost dude!

Michael doesn’t sound that healthy, his voice is a bit raspy and he’s mincing his words a bit. The medical tap really relies on the judgement of the doctor man – I’d say it’s imminent.

But OMG. That river he’s looking for fish in is so red I thought it was embers from a fire, is that even safe?

Med Checks

Ok so Mike’s getting a checkup, we’ve pretty much only seen him get checkups in the series so far.

They haven’t given much info there, we just know that he reckons he’s tougher than the limit that they’ll pull him out at. That makes sense though, at the end of the day the fact this show exists at all is crazy. You have to be sur-thriving to win Alone, they’re not gonna let you fall on your pocket knife.

Mike shows off how he still has ‘skin fold’ and yeah, he’s not gaunt yet, but he’s also not flush with fat reserves. That won’t last him long at all. It’s what us blokes call a ‘tight rig’.

Gina gained 19kg pre-show but already reckoned she had ten to lose. Go figure. This is pretty different to Mike who stays very lean when he’s at home. He gained about the same amount of weight but started from a lower base.

Michael on the other hand, have we even seen him shirtless? I really wanna see him shirtless. Hey! Don’t look at me like that, purely for recap speculation purposes.

He’s literally praying for a medical evacuation at this point, the dude is in tears. His pain is so real, I’m hurting for him.

Oh, oh! He’s tapping. Michael is done! Prediction one, correct. Probably should have put money on this, jokes, sports betting should be banned.


‘Yeah meatlovers thanks, extra eel yeah’


Michael didn’t say the ‘officially tapping out phrase’, does that mean he can still take it back? I’m pretty sure they didn’t ask but he had to tell them he wants to see his family. It’s been six weeks. I get it, that is ages away from the ones you love.

If Michael did hold out for the medical evacuation, which he’d more or less accepted was coming, he’d have to go to hospital instead of jumping on a flight home to NSW. Hard pass. 

Imagine getting a flight next to this random religious bloke who hasn’t eaten for 30 days.

Man, he grew on me big time. I think he had a really pure heart, and such grit to stay out for so long with no food. Didn’t make it to 40 days and 40 nights, but better luck next time aye champ?

Day 31

Gina reckons she’s been having too much fun? I reckon that’s literally her superpower, don’t stop doing that!

But yikes cast that 11 day old fish head soup into the fires of hell. I’m not sure how long you can continually reheat fish head soup but I once ate ice cream that had refrozen after melting and my tummy hurt.

Day 32

We are struggling to find the wormies on day 32. Surely there are heaps?

Oh no. Turns out the topsoil freezes and worms burrow deeper. That might help explain how Gina was able to access them by pulling up the grass. Could Mike try to dig a bit deeper?

Mike’s musing about how that money will help him become a full-time adventure filmmaker. It’s a big deal, especially as someone with a family to provide for. It’s so brutal that second place doesn’t get any cashola. Better make a new trap aye?

It’s kind of the opposite design but I feel like it takes longer to reach its prey? I wonder how it holds up to the strong winds buffeting the place and throwing his net around?

My partner Mary just said ‘That net looks like my hair after going in the ocean’.

Day 35

Woah! Things are moving. He’s made the net. It is HUGE.

Can it catch a Mike?

I love it when Mike makes a shit suggestion like ‘Could I hold the whole trap on a string with my teeth?’, and then just does it.

I think he should have tied the knot with his tongue, just for a challenge.

Haha no! We’ve caught a Mike! Well at least it works.


When you see a snack on the ground and forget you made a trap


The live trapping is really interesting but it must be frustrating. I’d be worried that a stressed marsupial would just eat its way through the net too.

Over in Camp Gina we’re looking decidedly more cosy. Look at that stoney hearth. The house is looking warm, but have the fish stopped biting?

I think we can all identify with not wanting to get out of the tent to wee.

Nope what, oh my God. It’s a wallaby (or pademelon). She just bloody jumped him. Can you imagine? Just hoppin’ around, minding your own business, and then this starving lady decks you?

Mental, lucky she had to pee hey? After 35 days she’s the first person to catch a mammal, and it was luck (with a huge dollop of instinct and desperation).

She’s lucky there aren’t any other predators who’ll come now to steal her food (like on many other seasons). Except maybe Tassie Devils. Or Mike?

Day 36

She’s basically making jerky, how good! Elite outdoors snack.

Everyone laughed when I put salt on my list of items I’d take but look at Gina now, HUH?

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Pademelon sashimi

Day 38

I literally can’t even. The trap missed again. These are some Tom and Jerry level shenanigans. Or Mike is genuinely the unluckiest guy in the world.

Has Gina even used her trail camera? I don’t believe she’s tried live trapping at all? I assume she’s going to start soon. Or maybe she’ll stick to her tried and tested technique of dropping a shoulder in.

It’s time for the family photo! Mike’s saved it so it really has an impact on him, which is actually kind of sweet, maybe it’ll remind him what they look like too.

I love this photo, with their dog taking up the entire centre of the image. It’s made Mike think of how he could have chocolate and peanuts in two hours if he taps. That’s a solid craving, top tier, would go well with pademelon jerky. Too soon?

Day 39

Gina is just going absolutely ham on a ribcage. Someone commented the other week that this ‘Flinstones moment’ was just a ‘set up’ promo shot. Well here ya go mate, it’s real.


Interview with Gina Chick – Winner of Alone Australia, screenshot, pademelon

This isn’t how I remember the Flinstones…


Meanwhile Mike’s now starved another 11 days since he caught that fish. But at least he has a cute little table? I’m in two minds about all the furniture, on one hand it would save him hunching his back, allow him to relax at camp and generally ‘live’ out there. But on the other hand they’re surely all big energy expenses to put together.

It’s also interesting that he’s off the trap after one failure. Sure that lil guy isn’t coming back, but would there not be others? It’s all getting a bit sad. Is he going to tap?

Nope, Mike’s found a worm, fortunes have CHANGED.

Maybe the rain helped? It seems to help worms and fishing.

Imagine the fortitude it takes to keep on filming in this state, that’s what’s blowing my mind, he’s still setting up all of these shots just for a chance to win Who Wants To Be A Quarter Millionaire?

Wait. He lost a worm?

‘Fucking shitting me where’s my fucking worm.’

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


That face when your last worm leaves you

Day 42

The heck is Gina doing now? Oh, she’s making a floor rug from skin. Cool cool cool cool cool.

Is she still fishing? We can assume so. Look at that jerky smoking in the background though. This whole scene is giving mad Midsommar vibes. Midsommar, if you don’t know, is a horror film.


Interview with Gina Chick – Winner of Alone Australia, screenshot, pademelon



Has Gina been angry once? She’s been sad, maybe more frequently? I feel victimised by the editors at SBS at this point. Now I’m worried Gina is going to tap. 

At this point I kind of want both of them to win, gah.

Day 48

We just skipped six days where we can assume nothing interesting happened. That’s hilarious. It’s now been 18 days since Mike got a fishy.

But now Mike’s got a fishy! Now for the incredibly stressful process of Mike getting a fish out of the water. I can feel my heart rate rising.

Oh, that wasn’t actually that bad. Nice work my guy!

Holy crap, we’ve broken the trout drought! I love how as soon as one thing goes right Mike is pumped for the Best Possible Scenario. Bring on Magic Fishy week, hold onto your worms. Straight from one trout to a week of good fishing, if we can hang onto the worms.

Episode 11

Holy shit. We’re going head-to-head for a whole episode. Kind of. They must really be wondering who else is left at this point.

A Shackleton quote to finish us off is fitting: ‘By endurance we conquer’. RIP dude, you would have loved Alone.

Day 51

Is this the original intro? Extended? Oh we’re getting a full season recap, including everyone’s tap. Damn. The contrast between people’s confidence and reason for entering with their eventual tap is incredible. They were all so different.

Remember all these people? They never stood a chance hey haha, Mike and Gina are elite.

But what the heck is Mike making? Woah is that mud cake? Ahh it’s for his son’s birthday! He has feelings! And/or is losing his mind. I love it. Imagine if your Dad was away playing with Wilson the volleyball on your birthday.


I wasn’t sure how much of this was satire and how much was Mike losing his mind


It’s insane to watch this Mike recap and see what he’s been up to over nearly two months. Just living out here for so long with ten items and a few extras.

Wait, he caught a trout and an eel in one night on day 49? We hadn’t seen that!

Magic fishy week is ON. He’s caught a bunch of eels and is rationing them. But four fillets for lunch sounds like a pretty healthy portion? Mike’s often said he’s worried about overwhelming his stomach or eating too much and increasing his metabolism. But is he rationing too much? Man’s looking thin.

Over to Gina and I do not know what the tune of that worm song was, if anyone knows can you hit me up? Or perhaps it’s an original?

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Gina looks like she’s lost heaps of weight in the last ten days, are things accelerating a bit?

‘I’m built like a brick shithouse,’ she says, passionately. Yeah this is Aussie Alone champions, listen up. I wonder if anyone will drop a C-bomb? How many F-bombs to one C-bomb, I reckon Mike could cash in.

Gina’s broth is looking a little dire, and she’s still not getting fish any more? What’s happened gal?

Love that Gina is going looking for greens. Has Mike looked for greens? A bit of fibre could be good when you’re not eating your Weet Bix (maybe I need to eat some saw sedge?).

Is Gina getting light-headed? I think that might be editing. But she’s just seen a Tiger snake – a famously yummy snack for the local palawa. I’m kidding. Don’t try to eat the fourth most poisonous snake in the world.

We’re back to Mike and his shelter is getting rattled! Those are strong winds and the open front is basically a kite.

Day 55

Did anyone notice, as we panned over to Gina’s place that the shot was all dark and and cold, nice touch SBS, very Game of Thrones. But are you trying to make things look worse than they are?

Ok nah, Gina’s shelter is sopping! Lucky she loves mud so much.

Ok now we’re getting the Gina recap. Remember that terrible saw sedge soup she made? At that point I was really questioning her abilities haha. What about all the dancing? It’s incredible how gracefully she’s weathered all the hardship.

Yet look at her now, making a beehive rock stove? I love that early on she said ‘I don’t have all the skills’, yeah maybe compared to Mike, but not us armchair peasants.

This quote’s been sampled and I love it:

‘I’m making a stand for a way of being human that I don’t see in the modern world, how to live in the natural world and have my needs met.’

Woah there’s anger, for the first time? With a sus voiceover about the land being tough and unwelcoming. It’s giving Rob vibes. Will Gina tap feeling she proved enough? The stove falling over isn’t the land being tough though, I reckon they’re engineering some cracks into the Gina story.

But does she have the competitive streak to outlast Mike?

Day 58

Mike’s eel is possibly starting to go off. Was he just air drying it? What happened to the smoker? It definitely looks soggy at the moment. Oh it’s 80% humidity? Hailing from the armpit known as Sydney, I know how that feels, and it’s worse when it’s cold.


Less than id-eel


Ohhh so the smoker was a pain in the arse that just burnt eel fat, gotchya.

Mike is making a risky decision to eat the suspect eel. I get that he doesn’t want to waste any but what’s the risk of eating it? Vomiting, possibly worse? How weak is his immune system right now? This is another one of those situations where I don’t agree with Mike’s choice in my humble and expert opinion.

Day 59

Why is Gina’s face looking like that?

Why is the lighting so good?

Nope. Don’t be quittin’.

Mary is yelling at the TV. I feel like women across the country are. Hnnng.

Gina’s really going to have to cope with these lonely feelings, golly. However I do feel that talking about them is her way of processing them.

But the editing is getting really gnarly, everything looks so dark and grim.

Over at Mike’s Furniture Sales Yard – the eel didn’t make him sick (he says). Honestly at this point, if it did I doubt he’d leave any record of it. I wouldn’t!

Day 60

Holy crap this is twice as long as I thought the season would be. The producers must be getting real good at cards by this point.

Mike’s eaten his last bit of food, can he starve for another 18 days? The ups and downs of food supply are mental.

I love how Mike says ‘I’m effectively living my dream’, and he’s digging out a rotten old log.

Day 64

Mike is 46! Good #dayforit. I’m not sure if there’s anything sadder than someone singing happy birthday to themselves but it’s pretty common on Alone.

But I did not expect to hear Mike talk about his Mum at this late stage. And not as some voiceover from an interview, just straight up sharing the story of how she taught him to assess risk.

Credit where it’s due, Mike’s taken a lot of risks and always comes out unscathed. His tolerance is higher than most people, but I reckon he does know what he’s doing. It’s just been tough watching the risks not pay off.

I love the idea that he’s preparing to look good for the medical check, preening himself. But it’s worrying right? He must know he’s looking like he fell out of a truck (two months ago).

Gina is looking pretty skinny all of a sudden too. Maybe she did eat too much and sped up her metabolism?

But damn, Mike has lost 25% of his body weight. There’s really not much left.

Apparently his blood pressure is really low too, dangerously low. Ahh man. There it is, they’re pulling him out.

It’s super heavy watching Mike deal with being tapped. The winners often last 60-100 days, he was getting into the zone.


Happy Birthday dude


But this has always been a part of the show, it’s about sur-thriving out here people! And Mike hasn’t eaten any mammals, he’s looking really thin in some of those shots. I’m gutted for him, but I don’t think the decision is unfair. Too many things just didn’t go his way out there.

You can tell there’s a part of him that’s at least a little happy to leave this shitty mud pit. But wait, did they tap him on his goddamn birthday?

I also want to do a big shoutout to Mike for carrying the show in many ways. We learnt so much about crafting in the wild, about problem-solving and mindset, seriously, Alone Australia would’ve been screwed without him. Go and follow his Youtube Channel where he creates a heap of super inspiring videos, episode recaps, and breakdowns of his gear. He’s also selling a book about his Castaway adventure which I’m sure will be a ripper.

However, Prediction two: Confirmed! Mike did get medically evacuated.

Day 67

Do we tell Gina or nah?

I love the inclusions of Indigenous Australian music here, I kind of wish we’d had more of it.

Seriously though, why did they leave her three more days, just to fly a family member down? I wish we had more vision over the rules.


Ok so who told Gina she won, anyone? She’s not still out there right?


In my interview with Gina she says that she’d just caught a heap of eels, had the beehive stove pumping and was feeling good, so we can assume she was fine to pass the med check (which she does).

But what if she wasn’t? I know, I know, it’s just TV, but a few simple rules would be good to know! It’s the authenticity of this show that makes it stand out.

To be fair, she’s looking a bit healthier. Mike was pretty stressed and really preening himself up. Not that we saw if Gina was doing that too, but I got the sense that she was in a better way, eating better food with variety (including greens), living in a better shelter with more warmth, and her mindset was still super solid.

Mike did a lot of things that used a lot of energy. Cold swims, kayaking, building intense traps. Gina worked more with the land, learnt from it and actioned her skills more carefully, and it paid off.

And this is what we’re here for, the look on her face when her best friend (and father of Blaise) walks out of the bushes to tell her she’s won.

Just the sheer joy on her face. The elation of being able to leave, the joy of connecting with humans again, the stoke of winning all that moolah.


Caption this


It’s so pure, I love it. Well done Gina Chick. You showed people everywhere how tough they can be, carried the flag for wild women, and advocated for a way of living with nature, not fighting against it. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

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With the season wrapped I, your humble recap guy, also get a break. It’s been a blast recapping these episodes for you, jumping into the comments to discuss every tiny thing, laughing with the contestants, laughing at them (just a little), and feeling their sadness as they share the depths of their human experiences.

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