Got some time and want to find a hike near Sydney? We’ve got a list of the best 17 hikes nearby to help you out. Here’s to more hiking and less googling!

Unique and Impressive Hiking

Some of these hikes might not be the typical tracks you’ve heard about. That’s probably a good thing, yeah? This list will help you find new spots with even more epic views that surround Sydney.

Some feel like they don’t stop going up until you’re in the clouds and others are family-friendly. If you don’t have a car then we also have you sorted!

It’s time to lace up the boots!

1. Evans Lookout to Pulpit Rock

Location – Blackheath, Blue Mountains

Explore the misty mountains of Grose Valley from Pulpit Rock. Along the way discover the stunning Govetts Leap waterfall, – the Blue Mountains best. The Pulpit Rock walk is a must, walk along the cliffs with endless views to one side. Both are especially good at sunrise.

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The Misty Mountains of Blackheath // Evans Lookout to Pulpit Rock (NSW) Lachy JF mist mountain valley

2. Walk The Coastline Between Kiama And Gerringong

Location – Kiama, Gerringong

Scramble over a massive coastal rock arch, watch out for whales migrating, and dip your feet in at secluded pebbly beaches. The rolling green hills will make you feel like you’re hours away from the city!

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Secrets Of The South Coast (NSW) Michael Harris cliffs rock platform

3. Explore Above and Below Garie Beach Coastal Cliffs

Location – Illawarra

Just south of Sydney you can scramble over boulders below 100m+ cliffs, or take in the view from above on the Coast Track. This track’s got that Irish coastline vibe.

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4. The Coast Track (AKA Sydneysider Pilgrimage)

Location – Royal National Park

It’s the quintessential Sydney bushwalk: hiking along the cliffs of Royal National Park will make you feel lucky to live in Australia’s biggest city.

Not only can you reach the hike by public transport (and a private ferry), it’s also totally doable in a day trip from Sydney if you’re fit. Better start planning!

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5. Hike The Escarpment Near The Sea Bridge

Location – Stanwell Park

Only an hour south of Sydney you can hike this epic track, stuffed with panoramic views of the ocean and clifftop lookouts. Check out how the native flora changes as you trek along the Forest Walk.

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6. Glenbrook to Springwood (No Car Needed)

Location – Glenbrook, Blue Mountains

The 20km hike from Glenbrook to Springwood features stunning wild swimming and beautiful campsites, all in the foothills of the Blue Mountains right next to Sydney.

Whether you choose an epic day hike or a leisurely overnighter, you can cut down on faff by catching the train to the start of this hike.

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7. Visit Australia’s Grand Canyon

Location – Blackheath, Blue Mountains

The Grand Canyon track has been one of the best day trips from Sydney for over a century, and it’s not hard to see why. The lush canyon is chock full of ferns that exist in the cool microclimate created by the shade of the canyon walls.

Experienced canyoners can abseil in and access the upper parts of the canyon but if you aren’t a rope expert you can still explore a little way up the Grand Canyon from the other end.

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8. Escape Bondi And Claim Wreck Beach For Yourself

Location – Port Stephens

Cruise up the Pacific Highway to the end of Port Stephens headland – you’re looking for Tomaree National Park, home to the tranquil and deserted Wreck Beach. Hike in with your picnic and spend the day alternating between sand and surf. Hot tip: bring two towels so one’s always drying.

While you’re there, make sure you climb up Mt Tomaree for a stellar view of the coastline.

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9. Walk Through Dry Canyons And Climb Donkey Mountain

Location – Wolgan Valley, Newnes

From the top of Donkey Mountain, you’ll see panoramic views of the unique rock formations that make up the Wolgan Valley. The walk up is a labyrinth of canyons and pagodas – make sure your nav skills are up to the challenge!

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10. Climb Drawing Room Rocks For a Cracker View

Location – Berry, Shoalhaven

The Drawing Room Rocks hike is a fantastic day trip from Sydney and the perfect intro to the Shoalhaven. Starting in the lush rainforest, you’ll quickly ascend through drier scrub before reaching the rocky summit.

Intriguing rock formations are perfect for a picnic whilst you take in the view of Seven Mile Beach to the east, Kangaroo Valley to the west, and Jervis Bay to the south.

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11. Hike Mt Dawson From Wolgan Valley

Location – Wolgan Valley, Newnes

Straddling the ridge atop Mt Dawson you’ll be floored by the sheer size of the Wolgan and Capertee Valleys. The Capertee Valley is a huge valley to the west; flat-topped rocky mountains poke out of the plains, while closer by, jagged cliffs and outcrops dwarf you. There’s even camping here if you’ve got the time!

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Rhys Tattersall Newnes Wollemi National Park NSW

12. Storm The Castle

Location – Budawangs, Morton National Park,  Shoalhaven

The Castle is a massive rocky outcrop four hours south of Sydney. It’s a bit of a mission to get down and back in a day, with over 800m of elevation gain to the summit, but the views of Didthul (Pigeon House Mountain) and the coastline are more than worth it. Camp the night before if you can.

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13. Complete Mt Solitary in a Day

Location – Katoomba, Blue Mountains

The famous Mt Solitary is usually climbed as part of a multi-day hike, but trail runners and fit hikers often go up and down the mountain in a day. Day-trippers can drive to the trailhead and make it a 24km one-day mission.

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14. Conquer Mystery Mountain

Location – Wolgan Valley, Newnes

The triangular mountaintop of Mystery Mountain beckons! Towering over Newnes Campground, this short and sharp scramble takes you 370m above the valley floor, giving you mega views down the valley and a bird’s eye perspective of your mates back at camp.

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15. Embark on The Family Friendly Jibbon Track

Location – Royal National Park

The Jibbon Track is a short hike down to a peaceful part of the coast where you can swim, snorkel, and explore to your heart’s content. Aboriginal rock carvings and middens show that the area has been well known for thousands of years, yet it’s still quiet enough for people to get their kit off at a nudist beach to the north.

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