The Grose Valley couldn’t be further from what its name implies, especially when viewed from Pulpit Rock. Join Hadley as looks out to Govetts Leap and waits for the sun to go down.


  • Nearly a 360-degree view
  • Easy walk
  • Spots for a picnic
  • Excellent star viewing

The Lowdown

Just a short drive from Blackheath and a further 400m walk from the car park is a magnificent viewing platform. Once you emerge from the bush you start to descend to the cliff face along a narrow track and eventually reach Pulpit Rock where you have nearly 360-degree views of the Grose valley, with Govetts Leap in the distance.


Pulpit Rock Walk Hadley England Blue Mountains NSW

A Sunset Spectacle

There are multiple viewing platforms and each one offers its own unique vantage point, but if you follow the track right to the end you can descend down a steep set of stairs to another platform where it really feels like you’re deeply immersed in the valley.

The surrounding cliffs also offer fairly good protection from the cold winter winds, although the track could become slippery and a little tricky in the wet.


Pulpit Rock Walk Hadley England Blue Mountains NSW

There are several benches scattered around the place so if you manage to remember the food as well as the camera it would be the perfect spot for a picnic.

If you have young kids there is no need to worry as it is entirely fenced off so there is no chance of any unwanted base jumping.


Pulpit Rock Walk Hadley England Blue Mountains NSW

If you time your trip well enough you will be able to experience an AMAZING sunset where the cliff faces become golden in the afternoon light, soon enough the sun will set and leave you with a perfect viewing platform for the Milky Way.

Once you have taken in all that there is to see you might like to stop off at one of the bakeries in Blackheath for a meat pie and/or one of the many coffee shops along the main street.

Essential Gear

  • Warm clothes
  • Water
  • Camera and tripod if intending to stay for the night light show
  • Car

How To Get There

Follow the signs to the Blue Mountains along the Great Western Highway and once you reach Blackheath take the next right onto Hat Hill road AFTER the traffic lights and follow the signs for about 3km and turn right onto a dirt road where it will take you to the car park at the end.

Skill Level

Beginner/Intermediate – while it is only a short 400m walk from the car park to Pulpit Rock, it can be a little steep in places and possibly slippery in places, and remember, whatever you go down you will have to come up again.


400m from the carpark