Combining swimming, snorkelling and beach walking, the Kiama coastal walk will keep you and your furry friend happy for hours. Or days, if you’d like!

Quick Overview

Kiama Coastal Walk is a 20km one way, grade 1 hike located in Kiama, New South Wales that lets you combine walking with swimming and snorkelling adventures. The hike should take around 6-7 hours to complete.


Highlights of the Kiama Coastal Walk

  • Cathedral Rocks
  • Bombo Quarry
  • Accessible via train
  • Blowholes
  • One of the best coastlines in Australia
  • Humpback whales (in the right season)
  • A nice long dog-friendly hike!

What To Expect on the Kiama Coastal Walk

The Kiama coastal walk is located about 1.5 hours from Sydney and can be easily reached by car or train. Your furry friend is welcome too, so don’t forget to bring them along!

The Kiama coastal walk can be tackled in one go, or broken into three sections

  1. North Section — Minnamurra River to Kiama Blowhole
  2. Mid Section — Kiama Blowhole to Loves Bay
  3. South Section — Loves Bay to Gerringong.

The whole walk totals 20km and it’s suitable for almost all fitness levels.

Whether you choose to do it all at once, in three sections, or turn it into a sneaky overnight hike and stay somewhere along the way, the Kiama coast walk is undoubtedly one of the best coastal walks in Greater Sydney. You can expect spectacular views, sealed paths, cliff tops, and the gentle sweep of golden sands every which way you look.

Here are some of the highlights:

Minnamurra Whale Watching Platform

The Kiama coast walk starts at the mouth of the Minnamurra and one of the first stops is the Minnamurra Whale Watching Platform. If you’re lucky, from late May to early October each year, you might be able to spot some whaley friends making their annual migration along the coast.

Cathedral Rocks

At the southern end of Jones Beach in Kiama Downs you’ll discover Cathedral Rocks, a unique rock formation fantastic for photos. Cathedral Rocks can only be fully accessed at low tide, so try to time your walk so that you arrive at Jones Beach just before low tide.


The Pillars of Bombo Quarry

Once you’ve explored Cathedral Rocks, follow the signage along the road, to the Boneyard and Bombo Quarry. Once you’ve reached Bombo Quarry, you’ll feel like you’ve left the Aussie east coast and landed straight on the Moon.

The area has been completed destroyed by basalt quarrying in the past, leaving behind tall columns of basalt. Large swells often pound the columns, spraying seawater high into the air and creating quite the spectacle.


Best Coffee Shops For a Sunrise Mission, Jonathan Tan, Bombo Quarry

Boneyard Beach, Kiama

A protected pebbly beach, the Boneyard is the perfect sheltered place to go picnicking, snorkelling or paddleboarding. If you’re looking for more of a surf beach, Bombo Beach has your name all over it.

Passing The Kiama Blowhole

After visiting the quarry follow the path back to Bombo Beach for a swim (it can get rough though so keep an eye on the swell and the tides). The Kiama coast walk then continues on to Kiama Harbour which is home to several friendly and very large stingrays who feed on the scraps from the fishermen.



This section of the Kiama coastal walk finishes at the always-exciting Kiama Blowhole. There are many cafes and shops nearby in Kiama so grab a cool drink and some lunch. You’ve earned it.

Surf Beach and the Famous Kiama Wedge

All fed and ready for more? Follow the signposts past Storm Bay and up alongside Kiama Showground, which often has rugby matches on in the cooler months – it’s probably the most scenic football field in the country.

Surf Beach is Kiama’s most popular beach (patrolled from October to April) with all-weather exercise equipment and sweeping views accompany you for this part of your journey. The Norfolk-pine-dotted headland carries you around to Kendalls Beach.


Coastal Surf Town Vibes Under 2 Hours From Sydney Jon Harris Kiama surfing, 6 Apr 2019, the wedge


The track will then take you along Surf Beach, which is home to the famous Kiama Wedge, you might see some of the region’s best boardriders catching waves.

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Kendalls Beach, Kiama

The next beach along the coast is Kendalls Beach, which normally has calmer waters, so it’s a good place to stop for a swim. On the headland south of Kendalls is a heavy reef break which absolutely pumps when a decent swell rolls in.

Little Blowhole And Beyond

The track then veers away from the coast and along the road to lead you to Little Blowhole.



Affectionately known to locals as ‘The Little Blowhole That Could’ because it actually blows harder and more frequently than Kiama’s flagship blowhole, it’s definitely one to tick off the blowhole bucket list.

Easts Beach

The track then continues around the headland to be greeted by amazing views of East Beach and out to the next headland. East Beach is probably the calmest, cleanest beach in Kiama, so whip out the GoPro and take some highly sought after underwater selfies.

Quite a few people finish up their hike here, but we reckon you’ve come this far so why not keep going and make it to the official end?

Werri Lagoon And Gerringong

Wander along Gerringong’s Werri beach or explore the rocky bays of the tidal Werri Lagoon. You can finish up at the train station to take you back to where you started, or celebrate with (another) well-earned drink or snack in the Gerringong township.

Walking Tips for the Kiama Coastal Walk

Some sections of the walking route include unprotected cliffs so always be careful, and never leave children unattended. During heavy rains, the track can get wet, wild, and windy so always check the weather conditions before leaving.

Is Kiama Coastal Walk Dog Friendly?

It certainly is. In fact, Kiama Coast Walk offers an easy and safe choice for those looking for a slice of pet-friendly coastline. You’ll need to keep your doggo on a leash, and not all beaches are dog-friendly but keep an eye on the signs and you’ll be ‘right.

Essential Gear

  • Swimmers and towel
  • Camera
  • Food and water
  • Sun protection
  • Cash or card

How To Get There

The walk starts at the riverside park at Minnamurra, parking is available onsite in the car park off Charles Avenue.

Skill Level


Although this is a relatively easy walk, there are a few small hills spread throughout. There are a few cliff faces along the walk so stay away from the edge.

Distance Covered /  Time Taken

20km / 6-7 hours (leave longer if you want to swim/explore)


Feature photo by @johnharris_photography