Aside from the wonderful walk from Glenbrook to Springwood itself, the other glorious part of this adventure is that you do not need a car to get there; this hike can be 100% accessed by public transport. Join Henry as he hikes and camps his way along the trail.


  • The variety of terrain over a two day walk
  • Loads of wild swimming opportunities
  • Stunning camping spots

The Lowdown

The sheer variety of scenery is what really makes this 2 day, 20km walk so special. From seemingly remote swimming holes and cliff top lookouts to tropical bush bashing and rock hopping, it’s hard to believe you’re never more than a few kilometres from civilisation’s comfort blanket.

And as if this adventure couldn’t get any juicier, nature has crafted some superb campsite options for us earthlings to call home for the night, whether you’re after ridge-camping with distant mountain views, or by one of the dreamy swimming paradises.


Glenbrook to Springwood Walk Henry Brydon


From Glenbrook Train Station walk down towards the start of the walking track which will lead you to Blue Pool. After a little recharge, pick up the trail on the other side of the creek and head deeper into the wild.

You’ll eventually reach Kanuka Brook where you’d be a fool not to enjoy the well earned swim. It also a wise point to unleash your water filter and fill up bladders and bottles, especially on hot, dry summer strolls.


Glenbrook to Springwood Walk Henry Brydon


Cross the river and then head up towards St Helena Ridge for 3.5km until you reach Bunyan Lookout (you could also detour to camp at Lost World lookout if you’re after a night’s camping under the Milky Way) and then drop back down steeply to Glenbrook Creek for a preferred camping location thanks to the idyllic swimming pools that line the creek.

Follow the river to the left on day 2 until you join the Magdala Creek track which will guide you back up towards Springwood via a couple of cheeky looking waterfalls. Day 2 can be done pretty quickly if you camp down at the creek, so enjoy a leisurely morning before tackling the 7km you have remaining to the train station.

Essential Gear

  • Maps (Penrith 9030-3N and Springwood 9030-4S)
  • Camera
  • Hiking bag
  • Hiking boots
  • Tent/hammock
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cooking pot and spork
  • Waterproof jacket, warm clothes and beanie
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Head torch
  • First aid kit
  • Food and snacks for two days
  • Water bottle and water filter


  • Hiking
  • Wild swimming
  • Camping

How To Get There

Head West from Sydney to the Lower Blue Mountains where you’ll reach the start of the walk at Glenbrook Train Station.

Skill Level

Intermediate – at times the trail can be tricky to follow so some basic navigation skills are required.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain

20km (best covered over 2 days) with 530m ascent