We all know rubbish doesn’t belong in the ocean. Sure, we can keep picking it up off our beaches, but what if we could stop it from being created in the first place?



Cam’s found himself tangled up in the Castaway Textiles studio with Bernadette ‘Flea’ Davis, where he learnt how to stop rubbish from ending up in the big blue.

As an ambassador for Tangaroa Blue, Flea works to stop marine debris at the source, which we can all help with by submitting the rubbish we pick up from our beaches and other natural places to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative using a simple app.

As for the rubbish that already exists and spoils our pristine beaches, Flea claims it and creates impressive functional artwork. With a high-five and a new doormat made of old fishing nets, Cam left the studio with a new app in his pocket to help save our oceans.

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Feature photo by Cameron Doyle