If you thought business meant deciding between saving the planet or making money, Transmutation will make you think again.



Since beginning our Act Local series, we’ve learned a lot about our problematic obsession with plastic.

Our most recent episode on microplastics left us feeling a little helpless and the fact we consume eight grams of plastic a week gave us the ick.

So, if every piece of plastic created is still here on the planet, does it mean our landfills (if it gets there) will keep expanding and be filled with crude oil products for the rest of time?

Luckily, in a little beachside shed, Brad and Narelle of Transmutation have found a solution for repurposing hard-to-recycle plastics and giving them new functional life.

The exciting part is it’s profitable and has led Transmutation to work with brands like Country Road and Dulux.

Brad explains there’s money to be made in recycling, and hopefully, it will flip our current plastic-loving and landfilling systems on their head, allowing us to embrace a truly circular economy.

Feature photo by Cameron Doyle