When you interview a bunch of conservationists, chances are you’ll learn a thing or two. Cam’s done precisely that.


In the latest episode of Act Local, Cam rounds up a few of the key things he’s learnt from catching up with local legends who are taking action locally when it comes to climate change and sustainability.

Protect Our Winters’ Sam Quirke highlights that scaring people into taking action doesn’t work, and Kelsey Tong from Gippsland Intrepid Landcare, proves that giving a shit about the environment is no longer boring.

A question Cam can now pose to others was first put to him by Belinda Baggs, from Surfers For Climate: Can the skills you already have serve the ‘greater good’?

Whether it’s combining your passion with action or making sustainability fun, you’ll find some core lessons to inspire you to take (pitchforkless) action, locally.


Feature photo by Cameron Doyle