If you live for secret waterfalls in off the beaten track locations, Buddong Falls is the place for you. Located in Kosciuszko National Park, the trip here can be combined with other spectacular sights along the fringes of the Snowy Mountains. With a campsite close to the falls, only a short walk to the lookouts and the promise of no phone reception, Buddong Falls is the perfect weekend escape.


  • Beautiful cascades and two incredible waterfalls
  • Fresh running water
  • Campsite with fire grates
  • Only a short walk to amazing views of the falls

The Lowdown

Buddong Falls rests alongside the Hume and Hovell track, with hikers dedicated to the 440km walk coming across this spectacular sight on approximately day fourteen. The alternative access, if you aren’t hiking in, is to drive down to the campsite and complete only a short walk to view the falls.



The drive is about an hour from Tumbarumba on mostly 4WD only track and it is very poorly signposted (most of the old signage is broken and pointing in strange directions).

Buddong Falls Campsite

Following only a faintly dotted line on an old, photocopied, hand-drawn map from 1990 on a rainy day, we were never sure if we had taken the right turns until we arrived at a small well-marked campsite for Buddong Falls.

From there the track is clear into the bushland, and you will start to hear the falls within a few minutes of walking. Coming around the bend you will see the first drop of the falls. Continue on downhill to reach the much more impressive second drop.


Follow The Old, Hand-Drawn Map // Buddong Falls (NSW) Cara van Wyk, waterfall, trees, forest


It appears as though the falls continue further downstream, however the track bends away from this.

Although we tried on numerous occasions, it is difficult to reach the actual falls and you may have to make do with the view (especially on a rainy day). The creek further upstream is more accessible if you need water.

If you are desperate for a dip, drive on to Paddy’s River Falls (about an hour away) or the Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool (about an hour and a half away).

Essential Gear

  • Only accessible with 4WD (unless doing the big hike in)
  • Good walking boots or solid runners
  • Water and snacks
  • First aid kit (you are in an isolated location with no reception, it’d be silly not to)
  • If camping, bring your regular camping gear

How To Get There

At Laurel Hill, follow the signs for the Sugar Pine Walk at Knopsens Road. At the end of Knopsens Road, turn right at the Bago Forest Way fork.

Not long after this, turn left at Snubba Road. Turn right off Snubba Road on to Browns Road. Follow Browns Road until the turn off for De Beauzevilles track, take the left at the fork here. Continue along this track until you arrive at the campground.

There is also an alternative route from Talbingo.


  • Hiking to views of the waterfalls
  • Camping
  • Option to complete some of the many other hikes in the area

Skill Level

Intermediate – The walk itself is easy and well maintained. Getting there is not so easy.

Distance Covered

The first waterfall is about 400m from the trackhead over a gently undulating surface.

The second waterfall is slightly further at about 1.5km over a sharper downward descent.