This cheeky 4km walk to Mt Amos in Freycinet National Park in Tassy is sure to get you out of your loungeroom!


  • Amazing views of Wineglass Bay
  • Challenging but not too challenging
  • Photography ops galore

We started the day off early so we had plenty of time to enjoy the view and make a day of the hike. This track starts from Freycinet National Park car park (4km 3-5hr return).

After signing in we began our journey not knowing what to expect other than the amazing view everyone talks about at the top. The first section of the hike is easy and well-marked track fooling you into thinking the hike may not be as difficult as you first thought. It was only after we hit the warning signs that we realised the challenges of the hike had not yet begun!

The next leg of our journey proved to be a lot more difficult, we climbed many steep sections of granite rock that were super slippery (definitely see why they don’t recommend this hike with bad weather) but luckily for us the sun was shining!

Navigating your way up this next section is a little tougher as you rely on faded yellow arrows painted on the rocks or little blue ribbons tied to trees to guide you to the summit.

The steep climb proves to be worth it as you want to stop for pictures all the time the view is that amazing. All the hard work pays off as you reach the summit and get the first glimpse of wineglass bay. The weather at the top of the mountain can be very different so be sure to pack accordingly.

Spend plenty of time taking photos and relaxing for a bit at the top because the trek back down is not super easy. In fact, I would say I struggled more on the way down spending a lot of the slippery sections on my bottom (also probably a good idea to wear thicker pants as I tore my workout tights).

I would do this hike again and again for the beautiful views. While in Freycinet National Park I would also suggest trying some of the other walks. These include Wineglass Bay Lookout (the easier shorter hike for views of Wineglass Bay), Honeymoon Bay (good views of the hazards) and Cape Tourville.

Essential Gear

  • Good Shoes (hiking boots or joggers)
  • Camera!
  • Hat, Sunscreen, Water.

How To Get There

Freycinet NP is right near Coles Bay. Approx 2.5hours from both Hobart and Launceston


  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Bird Watching

Skill Level

Beginner-Intermediate (have a reasonable level of fitness)

Distance Covered/Elevation Gain

4km walk/ 454m