Tasmanian waterfalls are some of the best in the business, so we’ve put together a list that’ll kickstart your waterfall adventurings.

1. Myrtle Gully Falls

Distance: 1km
Time: 10 mins 

Myrtle Gully Falls is located in Hobart behind Cascade Brewery. These mythical Tasmanian waterfalls are only 15 mins away from the city centre.  Enjoy the views and the many other waterfalls within the vicinity of Wellington National Park.


How To Get There

The start of the track is located at the end of Old Farm Road. There are several other tracks that begin from here.


Myrtle Gully Falls (1 of 1) tasmanian waterfalls

Myrtle Gully Falls

2. Montezuma Falls

Distance: 7km
Time: 3-4 hours

Montezuma Falls is located in towards the western coast of Tasmania. These are the tallest Tasmanian waterfalls of all at a whopping 104 metres.  The beauty of this walk is how up close and personal you can get to the falls. Be warned that you will not be dry after viewing this waterfall when it has received a bit of rain. Bring a towel and extra clothing if you mind getting wet.


How To Get There

Located within Rosebery, Montezuma Falls is approximately 36 mins away from Zeehan towards the northeast. Check it out on a map!


Montezuma Falls (1 of 1) tasmanian waterfalls

Montezuma Falls

3. Lovers Falls

Distance: 4km one way

The beautifully quaint town of Corinna is located on the west coast of Tasmania. There resides a waterfall only accessible by cruise or kayak. Lovers Falls is well worth the effort and the ambience is simply breathtaking.


Lovers Falls (1 of 1) tasmanian waterfalls

Lovers Falls


How To Get There

Located within Corinna, west of Cradle Mountain National Park, just rent a kayak and go upstream! Look out for a small set of stairs on the right-hand side as you kayak up. Venture towards the boardwalk and you shall be rewarded.


Lovers Falls (1 of 1)-2 tasmanian waterfalls

Lovers Falls

4. Secret Falls

Distance: 1km
Time: 10 mins

Please note: Due to high traffic and a lack of proper walking path or viewing platform, the area around Secret Falls has become degraded. Please consider choosing a different waterfall to explore to let this one recover.

Tasmania’s worst kept secret, Secret Falls is located within Mt Wellington National Park.


How To Get There

Located at the end of Old Farm Road, there are several other tracks that begin from here.

It’s an easy walk on the Myrtle Gully Track. Just before you reach the previous waterfall steer left on a muddy track and you will find Secret Falls.


Secret Falls (1 of 1) tasmanian waterfalls

Secret Falls

5. Horseshoe Falls

Distance: 1km
Time: 1hr 

Just one hour west of Hobart is Mount Field National Park, which houses a series of amazing waterfalls. This is my personal favourite as it was the first day the rain had stopped and I could finally appreciate these Tasmanian waterfalls without being wet head to toe.


How To Get There

Enter Mount Field National Park and the track is well signposted at the centre.

This track gives you the opportunity to find three waterfalls: Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls.


Horseshoe Falls (1 of 1) tasmanian waterfalls

Horseshoe Falls