Whilst there’s no doubt that the majestic walls, other worldly vegetation, and captivating views of Walls of Jerusalem National Park will have you wanting to stay as long as possible, this gorgeous national park is the perfect spot to explore regardless of how much or little time you have.


We acknowledge that this adventure is located on the traditional Country of the palawa people who have occupied and cared for the lands, waters, and their inhabitants for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Quick Overview

Walls of Jerusalem National Park is located in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area around 120km south of Launceston. It’s wild, remote, and can only be explored on foot.

About Walls Of Jerusalem National Park

Walls of Jerusalem is one of my favourite places to walk in Tasmania, and I love how easy it is to visit the park regardless of how much or little time I have.

I’ve explored there for a week, taking my time and camping along the way, I’ve taken friends in for a weekend getaway, and I’ve trail run the circuit in a day.


The rugged landscape of Walls of Jerusalem


I want to give you a run down about what to expect, so you can pick your own adventure and plan a visit to this special place!

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Walls of Jerusalem National Park History

On initial inspection this part of Tasmania’s high country appears unpredictable, wild, and remote; however, with careful management and ancient knowledge, the Big River nation thrived here for centuries.


Choose Your Own Adventure in Tasmania’s Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Taylor Dal Ponte, stone path, alpine lakes, mountain vegetation


Tasmanian Aboriginal people continue to have a connection to Country here and there are numerous Aboriginal heritage sites located within the park.

Throughout the mid-1800s the Central Highlands were used during summer for cattle grazing, with bush huts and stockyards built.

Whilst in winter, hunters and trappers roamed the plateau in search of the thick winter pelts of possums and wallabies. After being named The Walls of Jerusalem due to its resemblance to the walls leading into the Israeli city, the biblical theme continued as additional features were named into the 1900s.

How to Get to Walls of Jerusalem National Park

There’s no public transport to Walls of Jerualsem, so you’ll need to drive yourself or organize a drop off to the start of the walk.

It’s a long, easy drive to the trailhead. The whole way is sealed except for the final few kilometres and it’s suitable for all cars.

Mobile phone reception will drop out quickly after leaving Mole Creek, so make sure you have a map downloaded or a copy of the directions written down.

Where to Stay in Walls of Jerusalem National Park

There are three designated campsites for visitors and they all make a very comfortable basecamp for a night or two. The options are endless, but below I’ve outlined a few ways you might like to plan your visit to the park.

1 night – Wild Dog Creek

This campsite is perched above Wild Dog Creek and is only 7km from the car park. This campground has water and a full capture toilet.

Pack the car up early and get to camp for lunch. Grab yourself a tent spot then head into the walls and tick off a side trip in the afternoon.


Campsite with a view


2 nights – Wild Dog Creek and Dixons Kingdom

Dixons Kingdom is nestled amongst a forest of ancient pencil pines and has recently had a facelift. With the increased popularity of the trail, new infrastructure has been erected in the past 18 months.

Although tent platforms are very close and don’t offer a lot of privacy, they are playing an essential role in monitoring how and where people camp in the national park. This campground has water and full capture toilet.

Take it easy on day one and set up camp at Wild Dog. Sunset from here is something else, and you can spend the evening deliberating over which peaks you can fit in the next day.

In the morning, pack camp up and make your way into the walls. Climb a couple of peaks then settle in for night two at Dixons Kingdom.


3-4 nights – Full Circuit: Wild Dog Creek, Dixons Kingdom, and Lake Adelaide

If you have a few nights to explore, stay a night or two at the camps above and include one night at Lake Adelaide. There are camping spots on the grassy area above the shoreline and a full capture toilet.

This combination will let you enjoy it all! You’ll have plenty of time to set out with a day pack from camp and travel light. Mount Jerusalem is not to be missed!

Where to Eat Near Walls of Jerusalem National Park

One of my favourite parts of planning a hike is my post-hike meal and my favourite place to stop after visiting the walls is the Mole Creek Hotel.

With its kooky Tassie Tiger-themed front bar and hearty pub meals, I always love to soak in my adventure over a cold beer and hot meal here on my way home.

Things to Do in Walls of Jerusalem National Park

One word. Hike.

This place has an abundance of trails to explore on foot. Here’s a breakdown of the trails in the national park.


Explore all the trails!


Car Park to Trappers Hut

Distance: 2.5km
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 380m

The most challenging part of the walk is the first couple of kilometres to Trappers Hut as you start your climb up and onto the plateau.


Rocky clearing on my way up to the plateau


After the boot cleaning station at the trailhead, the path nearly immediately starts to ascend through thick forest. You may come across light streams, but this is generally the driest section of the trail so pack plenty of water.

Once a place of refuge for trappers during the harsh winter, Trappers Hut is now only emergency accommodation for hikers who get caught off guard. You can enter the hut and read about some of the area’s history.


Trappers Hut to Wild Dog Creek

Distance: 4.5km
1.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 110m

The climb doesn’t end here, but brace yourself for a journey through otherworldly vegetation. As you hike up and out of the shelter of the forest, the sea of deep green trees and ferns becomes lighter and brighter as you get up and onto the plateau.

The glacial history of the land suddenly becomes very apparent in the trickle of the streams and reflection of the tarns that sprinkle the landscape.

Take a second to stop and breathe in the mountain air (you’ll need it after the climb), it’s moderate walking from now on. The warm embrace of the forest is replaced by a carpet of ground hugging sub alpine plants.


The landscape is out of this world!


Wild Dog Creek to Dixons Kingdom

Distance: 4km
Elevation Gain:
1 hour 15 minutes

Most of the walk continues on boardwalks to protect the delicate vegetation and, after reaching the saddle, flattens out to make a very easy walk through the Walls of Jerusalem.

The untechnical terrain makes it easy to take in the phenomenal views of dolerite cliff faces around you and lets your mind ponder the enormity of it all.

Stands of pencil pines remain in the distance, reminiscent of Tasmania’s Gondwanan era, and depending on the season, the jagged scoparia might be a sea of pale pink at your feet.


Flowering Pink Scoparia


Continuing straight through the walls will take you to Dixons Kingdom campsite. However, along the way there’ll be signs for some optional side trips.

This is where you might have some tough decisions to make… what side trips can you fit in?

Each as beautiful as the next, all of them are great choices and are a perfect spot for a cuppa, snack, or ponder, but swimming and camping aren’t allowed.

Side Trips

Pool of Bethesda

An easy stroll to a glacial tarn nestled amongst pencil pines.

Distance: 200m
Duration: 30 minutes return
Difficulty: Beginner


Pools of Bethesda


Damasc​​us Gate to The Temple (1446m)

Another short, but steep climb up to (you guessed it!) phenomenal views.

Distance: 500m one way, steep climb (ascending 116m)
Duration: 15 minutes one way
Difficulty: Intermediate


Damas​​cus Gate to Solomons Throne (1470m)

A bit of a clamber up to 360-degree views from one of the higher peaks in the Walls of Jerusalem. You’ll have to make your way over some scree that’s loose underfoot, so take care.

Distance: 750m one way, steep climb (ascending 140 metres)
Duration: 20 minutes one way
Difficulty: Medium


Choose Your Own Adventure in Tasmania’s Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Taylor Dal Ponte, King Davids peak and lake salome, trail up a mountain,


Damascus Gate to King Davids Peak (1,499m)

A rocky traverse from Solomons Throne across the West Wall.

Distance: 2km one way
Duration: 45 minutes one way
Difficulty: Medium


Dixons Kingdom to Mo​​unt Jerusalem (1,459m)

This is my favourite side trip on the trail. It weaves its way around numerous tarns that, on a still day, reflect the sky patterns like carefully placed mirrors.

Distance: 1.2km one way, gentle climb (ascending 200m)
Duration: 1-1.5 hours one way
Difficulty: Medium​

If you choose to continue on to Lake Adelaide, you’ll walk out of the busiest part of the trail. Use the boardwalks and defined tracks as you traverse across heathland and seas of lime green cushion plants.

Essential Gear for Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Walls of Jerusalem is a remote alpine environment. Weather, regardless of the season, can change rapidly and dramatically up here, so make sure you’re prepared for anything.

  • Lightweight tent
  • Warm sleep system (sleeping bag, liner, and mat)
  • Hiking stove and utensils
  • Base layers
  • Fleece layer
  • Warm outer layer
  • Rain jacket and bag cover
  • Trail map and GPS files
  • PLB or Garmin InReach
  • First aid kit
  • Food and water carrying system
  • Water purification
  • Camera
  • Trail shoes
  • National Parks pass and registration

What’s it Like to Visit Walls of Jerusalem National Park

The natural environment here is unlike anywhere else in the state. Even compared to its neighbouring park Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the colours and textures framed by the stark rock walls offer a beauty all of its own.

It won’t take long until you feel like you’ve climbed into the pages of an Alice in Wonderland-esque picture book, surrounded by a veritable playground of stunted trees and enchanting plants at the base of gnarly dolerite towers. Bennett’s wallabies, pademelons, and quolls can all be found in the park, as can Tasmanian Devils, echidnas, and platypus.


Solomons Throne


The area has long been called ‘The land of a thousand lakes’ and you’ll see it rings true in the countless pools of water that add to the magic of this landscape.

It’s truly a perfect place for even beginner hikers to explore. The entire circuit is well-marked and moderate in difficulty. The accessibility of the peaks in the park means that, weather permitting, you’re guaranteed expansive views and memorable snack breaks during your hike.

Tips for Visiting Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Walls of Jerusalem NP FAQs

Where is the Walls of Jerusalem National Park located?

The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. It’s four hours north of Hobart and around two hours south-west of Launceston.

When is the Walls of Jerusalem National Park open?

The park is open year-round but is subject to closures in times of severe weather.

How long does it take to walk the Walls of Jerusalem?

The Walls of Jerusalem is a 34.3km, Grade 4 hike and should take 2-3 days to complete.

Where does the Walls of Jerusalem walk start?

The walk begins at Wild Dog Creek Campground.

How many days should I spend in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park?

To really get the most out of the national park, including day hikes and side trips, you should take around 4-5 days.