Mountain biking is taking off in lutruwita / Tasmania. New mountain bike trails are now open on the West Coast and around George Town – Alissa has your complete guide to the fresh dirt on offer. 


The amount of riders in Tassie is only growing, and many parts of the island state have transformed areas to build world-class mountain bike trails, with the newest trails opening in George Town and on the West Coast. 

Both spots offer multiple trail networks that result in a riding experience that caters for all levels of riders. The best way to describe the Tasmanian trails is ‘accessible remoteness’, you won’t believe how the networks transform the diverse terrain while being close to nearby airports or the Spirit of Tasmania port. 

George Town

The new George Town trail network traverses 73 kilometres over two trail networks in Tasmania’s north east. The first network of trails flows along Mt George either to the summit or along the East Peak Trails. Depending on your riding style, there are options to climb single track trails to the summit or alternatively catch a shuttle with Send It Shuttles and save your energy for the downhill.

Whether you’re trying mountain biking for the first time, bringing the whole family out, or looking to progress your skills, Mt George offers a variety of shorter trails. It’s easy to session a few or tackle them all in one day!

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With primarily green trails, a few blues, and even a black trail, this growing network has something for everyone. 

What do the colours mean? Green trails are beginner friendly, blue is for intermediate riders and black (usually diamonds) are for gnarly expert riders.



Getting to George Town MTB Trails

Only 40 minutes from Launceston, the George Town Mountain Bike Trails offer plenty of options to ride from the car park along the East Peak Trails. If you’re ready for a bit of a leg burn, start on the climbing trails up to the summit. Or you can hop on the shuttles with Send it Shuttles. 


Download the George Town Trail Map

Make sure you download a copy of the trail map and explore the area on Trailforks to ensure you don’t miss anything while sessioning the George Town Trails!

When preparing your trip for the George Town trails, you’ll notice the trails are split between the Summit Trails and the East Peak Trails. 



East Peak Trails

Roca Del Vista 

Length: 2.8km
Difficulty: Easy

This climbing trail gets you to the rugged lookout of Bell Bay View, providing views of George Town and surrounds below. 


Helter Smelter

Length: 1.5km
Difficulty: Easy

Enjoy the controllable flow that this trail provides as the primary descending trail from the Easy Peak and starting at Bell Bay View. 


Gadanga Dang

Distance: 0.6km
Difficulty: Intermediate 

Another option from Bell Bay View – focus on choosing your lines through or over the rock gardens for an added technical descent. 


Length: 0.8km

Ready to up your skills on the East Peak Trails? 6061 gives you access to more airtime, with a faster descent and bigger features that will have you grinning the whole way down the trail. 




Length: 0.6km
Difficulty: Difficult

As the most technical and challenging descent from Bell Bay View, this trail provides multiple lines to choose from as you gain confidence in this trail network and put your skills to the test. 


Summit Trails


Length: 2.8km
Difficulty: Easy

This trail is the primary climbing trail that takes you from the car park to the Mt George Summit before deciding what trail you’ll take back down! 



Length: 2.2km
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re looking for a flowy trail to take you back to the car park, one that’s suitable for the whole family, this is it! There are options to roll all the way down or cut back onto the climbing Keystone trail so you can session your favourite sections. 



Length: 2.1km
Difficulty: Easy

Another descending trail, Desperado provides more opportunity for airtime, is a bit wider and offers larger features to get you flowing all the way down.


Hebe Jeebies


Feeling confident and looking to progress from the greens? Hebe Jeebies is the perfect introduction to the dolerite slabs that this trail network is known for. With a more technical descent, this is the perfect trail to gain confidence with varying terrain. 

Sticky Beak

Length: 1.4km
Difficulty: Easy

Following the base of Mount George, this shorter and flatter trail starts from the Trail Head car park and gives you access to the East Peak Trails. Session some loops on this trail to stay riding for longer!


More Trails Are on the Way

Keep your eyes peeled on the trail development progress when planning your trip to this region, as the second network along Tipogoree Hills is currently under development. Yep, even more terrain to explore!

West Coast

The new West Coast mountain bike trails in Tasmania also span a few trail networks. There’s fresh dirt between Mt Owen, Zeehan and the Heemskirk Range, and even more between Rosebery and Strahan.

Spanning rocky alpine ridgelines along Mt Owen to smooth fire trails leading to the tallest waterfall in Tasmania, leading trail builders have found innovative ways to create trail diversity with a world-class experience. As the saying goes, West is Best, but with so many new networks across Tasmania, we’ll let you be the judge! 

Getting to the West Coast MTB Trails

Depending on which direction you’re coming from, the Mt Owen trails are just over three and a half hours’ drive from either Hobart or Launceston. Strahan is another 45 minutes southwest from Queenstown, and the Zeehan to Heemskirk area is 35 minutes northwest of Queenstown.   


Mt Owen

The iconic Mt Owen and its rugged trails are aimed at intermediate to advanced level riders, but you will find trails to suit all levels. Thanks to its long history of industrial mining and heavy timber felling, the trails here traverse wide open mountain sides and ridgelines, creating an epic riding experience! 

Pedal up to the Lower Mountain and earn your views or hop on a shuttle with RoamWild and their Owen Spur Shuttles.The crew here have four buses that can take six riders each, so be sure to book ahead and secure your spot! When planning your trip, keep in mind, the shuttle bus hours change throughout winter to accommodate shorter daylight hours. 

Important Note: Be sure to start out on a level below your usual riding ability until you get familiar with this exposed style of riding, particularly on Mt Owen


Download the Mt Owen Trail Map

Download a copy of the Mt Owen trail map and explore the trails on Trailforks to find your way on the wild mountain trails.


Lower Mountain Trails

Lower Mountain Access

These trails don’t require a shuttle to access and are a short 500m ride from the town centre to Tramway St.


Conglomerate Creek Trail 

Length: 0.2km
Difficulty: Easy

This two-way linking trail meanders along the bottom of the Little Owen trails and gives you a gentle introduction to riding in this area. 


Ready Orr Not 

Length: 1.5km
Difficulty: Easy

This trail is a great place to start mountain biking in Queenstown for any riding ability, allowing you to get acquainted with the unique style of riding this area offers. 

Welcome to Queenstown

Length: 5.9km
Difficulty: Easy with Intermediate sections

A trail to get any rider smiling, this loop climbs from Ready Orr Not further onto Little Owen mountain. With expansive 360° views and no shortage of giant berms and rollers before you drop back down to Conglomerate Creek, you won’t want to skip this trail! 


Sticht Up 

Length: 3.7km
Difficulty: Intermediate

Continue on from Welcome to Queenstown, further into the hills with a short, but sharp climb that provides some of the best views in the trail network. This trail offers multiple lines, giving riders options to try more challenging and technical trail features while exploring the West Coast. 



Sledge Track 

Length: 2.0km
Difficulty: Intermediate

Follow this backcountry style trail that once linked the towns of Lynchford and Gormanston in the late 1800’s.

Upper Mountain Trails

Remember that these more remote trails are accessed via shuttle, book in with RoamWild and their Owen Spur Shuttle for your ride up the mountain!




Length: 9.9km
Difficulty: Intermediate

As the name suggests, this trail weaves past waterfalls, boulder fields and rugged terrain. Once atop Horsetail Falls, the epic descent leads into a remote valley, providing a range of trail features before linking onto the Welcome to Queenstown descent. 


Chamouni Traverse

Distance: 2.6km
Difficulty: Intermediate with Difficult sections

Get a feel for the adventure that lies within the mountain as you venture along steep ridgelines linking Mt Owen to North Owen peak. With steep chutes, technical flow, and a short climb, this engaging trail lures you into the valley below. On a clear day you just may have views of the enthralling Frenchmans Cap to the east. 

Summit Loop 

Length: 1.7km
Difficulty: Intermediate with Difficult sections

Start out on the Chamouni Traverse before climbing to the peak of North Owen where this backcountry style trail gives you a truly big-mountain, West Coast experience high in the alpine. With a remote, rugged, and technical ride from North Owen you have the choice of descending The Long Spur or committing to the North Owen Descent


The Long Spur

Difficulty: Intermediate with Difficult sections

After exploring the Chamouni Traverse and skirting around the North Owen peak, this trail keeps in line with the rugged, remote, and exposed theme that these West Coast trails provide. From the top of the ridge to the valley floor, this trail is filled with berms, rocks, gravel, and expansive views to give you some variety whilst exploring! 

North Owen Descent

Length: 2.0km
Difficulty: Difficult

As your alternative option from the Summit Loop, this exposed, steep, and demanding trail is designed for advanced riders. Following the unsuspecting ridgeline from the North Owen peak all the way to the valley floor this technical trail gives you a feel for experienced riding with every twist, turn, and feature. 


Natural Selection

Length: 2.3km
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult

Sometimes shuttling doesn’t give you a full appreciation of what a trail can offer, so from the shuttle drop off, start your hike/ride mission up to this trailhead. The climb takes approximately 20 minutes, then traverses exceptionally difficult terrain before reaching the summit ridgeline. The following descent is no different, with raw, technical riding unlike anything else in Australia before linking onto Waterfall, near Horsetail Falls. 


Other Trails Near Queenstown

The trails keep coming! The West Coast features a range of new trails for exploratory riding, cross country jaunts or bike-focused rest days.


Download the West Coast MTB Trail Map

This detailed map of the West Coast trails will help you find your way. Read on to decide what’s on your hit list!


Sterling Valley

Length: 12km
Difficulty: Intermediate with Difficult sections

This old-school through trail starts in Tullah and finishes in Rosebury, so a car shuffle or shuttle is required.

Classified as intermediate with difficult sections, this trail is pretty rough and ready. It’s a great pick for adventurous riders looking for something a little different while on the West Coast. The one-way trail starts off with a challenging climb, providing occasional views of Mt Murchison before reaching Sterling Saddle. From here, the descent is technical, rugged, and exhilarating leading into Rosebery. 


Sterling Valley Track, Your Guide to Tasmania’s Newest MTB Trails, flow MTB, tourism tasmania


Access from: 300m west of the Anthony Road junction on Murchison Highway

Oonah Hill

Length: 5.8km
Difficulty: Easy

This is a fabulous beginner trail with an easy climb through buttongrass looking out to the Heemskirk Range before descending through the dense tea tree forest. On a clear day, you can get views of the Southern Ocean from the trail! 

An additional 30km of trails is currently under construction in this area, and will take riders up into the remote Heemskirk Range. Construction is scheduled for completion in late 2022.

Note: Open mine shafts are in the area, making the location categorised as an Extreme Hazard Area. Please remain on the trail at all times. 

Access from: The trailhead is located on the right-hand side of Trial Harbour Road, about 3 kilometres after turning off Main Street in Zeehan. 

Ocean Beach

Length: 1.8km
Difficulty: Easy

As excellent trail for newer riders and families (or a rest day!) , this undulating trail is shared amongst walkers and horse riders too. This mesmerising area has you looking out to the open sea in front of you – Ocean Beach is Tasmania’s longest beach, lasting for over 30 kilometres. 

Access from: Ocean Beach Road 


Montezuma Falls

Distance: 5km

Another great trail for families or beginners, this wide path follows the old North East Dundas tramway route that was used during the area’s booming mining days. The trail meanders through a rainforest filled with leatherwood, myrtle, sassafras, and giant tree ferns before reaching Tasmania’s tallest waterfall

Access from: Montezuma Falls car park

All photos thanks to Flow Mountain Bike