Camping The Friendly Beaches (TAS)

Friendly Beaches Photo by @isaac_probert

Isaac and friends decided to avoid the increasingly popular Freycinet National park, and instead opt for the isolation of the (ironically named) Friendly Beaches.


  • Sunrise over the Friendly Beaches
  • Getting away from the crowds
  • Cooking a sunset dinner at Isaacs Point
  • The quiet, crystal waters of Richardsons Beach

The Lowdown

The Freycinet National Park is a must do for the majority of visitors to the Apple Isle. Wineglass Bay, and Mt Amos are spectacular parts of the world, and ones that come with a personal recommendation to experience, however if one’s tastes drift more to the peaceful, unspoken corners of Tasmania, then the Friendly Beaches should be on your list.

Myself, Dave (fellow adventurer into Scott-Kilvert Hut) and Breanna decided we needed a weekend away, with university impending for two of us, we figured commencing on Monday a little dazed from a weekend in paradise seemed like the best of ideas. We loaded up my Subie (a Tasmanian adventurer’s best friend), and headed for The Friendly Beaches, near Coles Bay.

We arrived at our destination after a brief stop for a photo – make sure to pause at the lookout for a breathtaking view of the dawdling coastline that is the Friendly Beaches. I certainly feel like this could be the beach that inspired Hollow Coves’ song Coastline. We then scouted the Isaac’s Point campground, before deciding on a beautiful spot within reach of the welcoming whispers of the ocean.

That night we ferried our gear to the beach, lay a tarp and cooked by the water. I encourage those of you who do adventure to not just thrive to photograph your journey from a different angle, but to experience it likewise. Wake up for the sunrise, sleep under the stars, swim when it’s cold or light a fire on the beach; don’t visit the environment, become one with it. As the tide drifted in, and the sun below the horizon, we really could feel nothing but elation to be experiencing it.

We slept early that night, before being woken by the sun’s rays and the ocean’s calling. Our second day in paradise filled with a trip up Mt. Amos and a swim at Richardson’s Beach. A final gift from the ocean before heading for home with fond memories, salt in our hair and sand in our shoes.

Essential Gear

  • Tent, sleeping bag and mat
  • Stove, gas, food and water
  • Toilet supplies (2 hybrid toilets onsite)
  • Camera
  • Parks pass

How To Get There

Head towards Coles Bay and the Freycinet National Park, accessible from Hobart, Launceston or the East Coast. When travelling South on Coles Bay Road turn left onto Friendly Beaches Road, signposted and also advertising Freycinet Air. Follow the asphalt-come-gravel road until you reach the lookout. Stop for a breaktaking photo then continue on for 2min and pick your campsite.


  • Camping
  • Walking
  • Photography
  • Swimming and beach activities

Skill Level

  • Beginner

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