It’s not my best pun, but canyoning near Sydney is no joke! Sydney is surrounded by what’s believed to be some of the best canyons in the world. Chuck on the wetty and go have a splash.

What do you need to go canyoning?

Canyoning isn’t the easiest sport to jump into. You’ll need to have a background in abseiling, be prepared for lots of swimming, and have a good level of fitness to get in and out of the canyon. Saying this, it’s one of those sports that involve other epic things like wild swimming, waterfall chasing, and rock jumping.

To undertake the sport, not only will you need all abseiling gear but also dry ropes, wetsuits, dry bags, satellite phone, water shoes etc.

If you’re new to canyoning it’s best to go with a guide. There’s plenty of guides located around the Blue Mountains.

1. Walk Through Slot Canyon at Bungonia Gorge

Location – Bungonia National Park

Canyoning doesn’t always need wetsuits and ropework – the red track through Bungonia Gorge is a deep slot canyon full of massive boulders that are just asking for a scrambling. There’s a great campsite if you’re keen to hang out for longer.

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2. Cool Off in Lower Bowens Creek Canyon

Location – Mt Wilson, Blue Mountains

In the warmer months, there are few cooler places to hide out than a canyon in the Blue Mountains. Does abseiling down icy waterfalls with ferns brushing your face sound like a wicked day out? Check out this adventure.

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Lower Bowens Creek North canyoning Jame Stuart blue mountains

3. Find Your Quiet Place in Serendipity Canyon

Location – Mt Wilson, Blue Mountains

Descending into the tranquil confines of a lush Blue Mountains canyon is an experience like no other. You’ll need either the skills, mates with canyoning experience, or the dosh for a guided trip to pull this adventure off.

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What's In A Name // Serendipity Canyon (NSW) Merridy Cairn-Duff canyon river

4. Abseil Down Malaita Wall Into The Jamison Valley

Location – Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Skip the steps and descend by rope into the Blue Mountains’ most famous valley. With Mt Solitary and Ruined Castle at your back, this 5 pitch abseil will give you a new perspective on the valley and get you up close and personal with the epic cliffs.

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Feature image by @ozlifeoutdoors