Time to hit the water with 7 epic kayak locations near Sydney. Don’t stress if you don’t own a kayak. Most of these locations you can hire the vessels there.

When’s The Best Time to Kayak?

The best time to kayak would definitely be the warmer months. Typically summer/autumn have better weather with clearer skies. Saying this, the hot weather brings those afternoon winds so it’s best to start early.

Places like Sydney Harbour or Lake Macquarie can see some large swell which doesn’t make for that cruisy kayak adventure you were expecting. So don’t forget to check the weather and swell conditions.

If you’re unsure of what to expect, call the kayak hire operator and they’ll give you that expert opinion.

1. Canoe Through Kangaroo Valley

Location – Lake Yarrunga, Kangaroo Valley

Whether it’s a 3-day camping epic like the link above or an afternoon paddle up Shoalhaven Gorge, Lake Yarrunga is an exquisite place to dip your oar. No powered boats, no houses, just yourself, your paddle, and bulk nature.

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2. Paddle to The Base of Warragamba Dam

Location – Blue Mountains

Escape the heat with a paddle down the Nepean River. Relax in natural spa baths and waterfalls before heading back or set up shop and crack a brew on the riverbank.

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3. Explore Pulbah Island

Location – Lake Macquarie

Pebbled beaches, towering cliffs, and unreal fishing locations make up Pulbah Island. Located in the heart of Lake Macquarie, it makes for a perfect sunrise or mid-morning adventure. Stretch the legs and explore the island before embarking on the paddle back to Wangi Wangi.

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Lake Macquarie :: Coastal Quiet 90 Minutes From Sydney Mattie Gould

4. Catch a Train to Your Canoe And Paddle up Kangaroo Creek

Location –  Royal National Park

There are few things as satisfying as an adventure you can reach via public transport. A short train ride and a 4km walk through gorgeous bushland bringing you to Audley Boatshed. Here you can rent a canoe and paddle upriver.

Feel those worries slip ‘n’ slide away.

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5. Float Down The Minnamurra River

Location – Minnamurra Boat Ramp,  Kiama 

Paddle one of the beautiful South Coast rivers. Start downstream and make your way up to where the river becomes to tight to go further. On the way back, let the river take you home as you put up your paddle and relax! Bring the kiddies for this family friendly adventure. 

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6. Kayak Lane Cove National Park

Location – Lane Cover National Park, Sydney

It’s possible you’ve driven past this National Park on your way to work every day. But only 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD is a pristine kayaking adventure! Dropdown into the valley for any occasion. The best part is you can hire the kayak there!

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7. Canoe Through Clarence Town

Location – Dungog

Bring your canoe, kayak or SUP for a paddle up the Williams River, starting from the boat ramp at Bridge Reserve, to down under the Brig O Johnson Bridge and North along the river towards Rowlands Falls. You’ll see plenty of gorgeous farmland and birdlife along the way, and get a decent arm workout while you’re at it.

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