Serendipity Canyon is more than just a pleasant surprise! One of the Wollangambe River catchment canyons, it’s accessed from the Cathedral of Ferns Reserve at Mt Wilson, a beautiful free camping ground.


  • Abseiling waterfalls
  • Glowworms
  • Impressive canyons
  • Hidden caves

The Lowdown

Nature seldom disappoints but it’s such a buzz when it surprises me as well — the word serendipity means “pleasant surprise” and Serendipity Canyon could not have been more aptly named!

It is generally regarded as a beginner canyon and is thus quite popular with tour groups and large groups. Don’t be fooled however into thinking it might be just ho-hum in its appeal, it is far from it.


What's In A Name // Serendipity Canyon (NSW) Merridy Cairn-Duff canyon river


Serendipity provides a taste of everything good and sought after in a canyon adventure – several not so tricky abseils, corkscrew shaped canyon walls, a tunnel section, waterfalls,  tranquil reflective pools, giant tree ferns, carpets of green velvet on walls, easy going walking,  amazing rock formations and giant overhangs, little river beaches to enjoy lunch at with a swim and a few natives including alas quite a few ginormous canyon spiders and one snake.

Oh, I nearly forgot the “surprise” bit!

No, not the gorgeous Wollangambe swim at the end. No, not the glow worms. Not the hanging birds nests.

As you exit the canyon at a section of huge boulders with a view 2-3 metres below to the Wollongambe, you are in fact standing on top of a hidden cave complete with tunnel, 2 conjoined small chambers, with a mass of fine tree roots from above which act as a waterfall. All enjoyed by an audience of large bright green glow worms on the cave ceiling.

The walk in, through and out is child’s play and very pleasant. Take your camera!!


What's In A Name // Serendipity Canyon (NSW) Merridy Cairn-Duff canyon river

Essential Gear

  • Abseil equipment
  • Helmet with light
  • Wetsuit


  • Swim
  • Abseil
  • Explore
  • Photography

How To Get There

From Sydney take the Mt Wilson Rd at Mt Wilson (turn off Bells Line Of Road), drive around 10 km to Cathedral of Ferns Reserve.

Skill Level

Beginner but if you haven’t abseiled and canyoned before you should definitely go with someone that has, preferably an instructor.

Make sure you have the proper skills before going canyoning — canyons can be very dangerous and are incredibly hard to rescue people from! Be safe out there.