Looking for the perfect spot to practice some low-light waterfall photography? Water Nymphs Dell is a tranquil slice of the Blue Mountains’ best. Maybe it’s time for a mid-week escape?

Quick Overview

Water Nymphs Dell can be reached via a 500m, grade 1 hike located in Wentworth Falls in New South Wales. The hike should take around 1 hour to complete, longer if walking the 20 minutes from the train station to the trailhead.


  • Gorgeous waterfall, pool, and stream
  • Amazing photographic opportunity
  • Easy day trip out of Sydney (via train or car)

Find Fairies at Water Nymphs Dell

Water Nymphs Dell is a stunning place of beauty only a hop, skip and a jump away from Wentworth Falls station. Water falls from a 20m crest, before collecting into a shallow pool and continuing downstream towards Blue Mountains creek.

This place is stunning all year round, but if you visit immediately after heavy rain you’ll see the water flowing at its best. The rocks here are all covered in beautiful moss, and the stream weaves in interesting twists and turns amongst tree-roots and fallen trunks.


Water Nymphs Dell // Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains (NSW), brandon chant, allover downunder, blue mountains, moss, waterfall, quiet, fallen tree


There are two tracks you can take to get there. The first takes about 45 minutes down and can be accessed from Dell Road, which is basically a dirt road. Walk past a house or two on your left and you’ll hit the path.

The second track takes about 30 minutes and is probably the prettier of the two. Park near the junction of Westbourne Avenue and Glenview Road. Opposite the house at 30 Glenview Road, you’ll see in amongst the bushes a staircase leading down – that’s the track. It’ll lead you first to a picnic table overlooking the waterfall, and then behind the waterfall itself.

If you want the place to yourself, then a weekday trip is best, but in three visits I’ve never seen more than 3 other people.

This is a special, quiet place for how easy it is to access. Be a legend and keep quiet, don’t damage the plants, take your rubbish with you and pick up any you see. Let’s keep Water Nymphs Dell stunning for everyone.


Water Nymphs Dell // Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains (NSW), brandon chant, allover downunder, blue mountains, moss, waterfall, quiet

Essential Gear

  • Warm clothes
  • Water and lunch
  • Decent hiking shoes
  • Camera
  • Respect for the land

How To Get There

Head to Dell Road in Wentworth Falls, about a 1.5hr drive from Sydney. Dell Road is a dirt road that becomes Water Nymph Dell Track.

Alternatively, catch a train to Wentworth Falls station and walk to Dell Road from there.

Skill Level


The hike can be steep and slippery in places. Be mindful of veering away from the track and wear grippy shoes.

Distance Covered / Elevation

The 20 minute walk from the train station to the track is approximately 1.3km. Then it’s half a kilometre to Water Nymphs Dell itself, depending on which track you take. It always takes me 30-45 minutes down, and a little longer on the way back. The descent is about 100m.