Wentworth Falls (NSW)


  • Amazing scenery
  • Waterfall
  • Both track and off bush routes
  • Amazing views of the mountains
  • Good hike with friends


The journey to Wentworth Falls was only a day trip and it was definitely worth the trip. I went with my girlfriend and my good friend and they both absolutely loved it. I went to take photos and just explore into the mountains, see what’s out there and the others tagged along.

The train was only 1hr and half from central which wasn’t to long and we got there by 11am. The walk from the station to the start of the track wasn’t very long either it was just walking through a park then following the same road up to the start of the track.

From the very beginning the mountains provided the goods with the clouds being low enough so that we were walking through them and looking out into the large forest landscape. Scenes like this you just can’t put into words. We started walking down the track taking about 1-2hours to get to the main waterfall which was definitely worth it. You can walk into the water which is very refreshing after a hike down the mountain and is one of the best feelings to just look up and see the water falling towards you under the waterfall.

The track doesn’t end there though; it goes for another 2 or so hours seeing multiple viewpoints and amazing vistas, I personally didn’t do the whole track as we had to get back to Sydney however the adventure was unforgettable and i’d highly recommend it to others just wanting to a unique experience near Sydney.

Essential gear required

A good pair of shoes to walk up and down the mountain and water as it gets very tiring.

How to get there

Once getting off at Wentworth station it’s only a 10min walk to the start of the track


  • Hiking
  • Photography

Skill Level


Distance covered / Elevation Gain