Bastion Cascades of the Meander Valley is World Heritage-listed and an absolute gem of a find. Get out there and explore it!

Quick Overview

Bastion Cascades trail is a 5 km, grade 4 hike located in the Meander Forest Reserve in Tasmania. The hike should take around 5 hours to complete.


  • Waterfalls, waterfalls and more waterfalls
  • Amazing fungi
  • Crystal clear waters
  • Unique geology

The Lowdown

Starting out from an old quarry, a relic from the days of big forestry in the area before it became World Heritage listed, now acts as the car park for the walk.

After setting out from the car we headed up an old overgrown road to the beginning of the trail after this point we followed markers nailed to trees through native regrowth forest dotted with countless types of fungi in all shapes and sizes.




The trail is mostly undulating and surrounded by dense forest until descending down to the river at which point it turns into a photographic dream, before even reaching the Bastion Cascade finale set of falls we were presented with a series of smaller but no-less stunning cascades. The important thing to remember in locations like this is, be prepared to go off track and spend far longer than you anticipated as this area will leave you awestruck and lost for words.

We could have spent hours on end here, and have already planned to return with even more time to spare. So if you find yourself in Tasmania wanting to see amazing falls then forget the crowded and more frequented tourist attraction falls and head for the Meander Valley, home to some of Tasmania’s most picturesque waterfalls!




Being a World Heritage-listed area it’s of paramount importance that the rules of “leave nothing behind except footprints” should firmly be applied to this beautiful forest area. i.e. Take your waste with you and definitely don’t bring the family dog along with you on this one!

Essential Gear

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Highly recommend gaiters
  • Enough food and water
  • Camera!
  • Topographic map of the area or handheld GPS essential for going off track

How To Get There

1 hour drive from Launceston along the Bass Highway.


  • Photography
  • Fungi spotting
  • Hiking
  • Swimming in summer months perhaps though the water is icy cold all year round

Skill Level


Distance Covered / Elevation Gain / Duration

5km Return / 280m elevation /Allow up to 5 hours if visiting off track cascades along Bastion Creek.

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