There are few things better than a coffee while camping or hiking, especially if you need a caffeine fix! We’ve put together the best camping coffee makers available in Australia to help you live the bean dream.

For coffee lovers, starting the day with a morning coffee isn’t just a habit – it’s an essential ritual.

Even when adventuring in the great outdoors, coffee connoisseurs still need access to a good coffee maker.

Camping coffee makers have a number of obvious advantages over a traditional electric kettle. They can make coffee in the middle of nowhere without electricity. They’re usually more compact and lightweight, and won’t use up too much space in your backpack. On top of that, some models even offer a pour-over function and a reusable filter that makes the whole process much easier.

Portable coffee makers also help you save time and money. You won’t have to make frequent trips to the nearest cafe for your daily caffeine (let’s face it, some coffee can be a risk on the road). They’re also a great way to bond with fellow coffee lovers on your trips!

Some models even come with an insulated vessel to keep the coffee hot for hours – perfect for ensuring you have coffee on hand even when a flame is out of reach.

If you’re planning on hiking, camping or caravanning anytime soon, make sure to check out our list of recommendations below. We’ve drawn up a list of what we think are the best portable coffee makers you can find in Australia in 2023.

You’re bound to find a camping coffee maker on this list that will suit your needs and budget!

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1. Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Coffee Dripper




  • Weight: 85 g
  • Diameter: 10 cm
  • Depth: 9 cm
  • Material: Flexible food-grade silicone and stainless-steel mesh filter
  • Product use: Lightweight drip coffee
  • Compatible with: X-Kettle, X-Mug

Reasons to buy:

+ Collapsible design for easy packing
+ Easy to clean
+ Lightweight

Reasons to avoid:

– Smallish capacity
– Tricky getting used to

Price: $30.95

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If you’re looking for camping coffee makers that will fit in your pocket, then the Sea To Summit X-Brew Collapsible Coffee Dripper is perfect for you. This compact and lightweight collapsible coffee dripper can be easily folded up and stored away when not in use.

The X-Brew is made from durable Nylon 66 and food-grade silicone, so you can be sure your coffee’s taste won’t be affected by the materials. The X-Brew also comes with a reusable stainless steel double mesh filter, so you won’t have to worry about running out of paper filters on your trip (or them getting wet).

The filter mesh incorporates 180-micron holes to ensure coffee grounds are thoroughly strained. However, you can also easily replace the mesh with a paper filter. The spiral pattern on the internal base also creates a more consistent drip speed, breaking the surface tension of paper filters.

What’s even better is that this coffee maker is dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to spend too much time giving it a deep clean. Simply pop it in the dishwasher, and you’re good to go! You can clean it by hand pretty quickly too by using just a quarter cup of water with a bit of sloshing to remove the coffee grounds – dirtbag style.

That said, some may find it difficult to get used to grinding the coffee right: if it’s too coarse, the water will run through it too quickly; and it will gum up if it’s too fine. An adjustable coffee grinder is best for a pour over coffee maker like this one.

This camping coffee maker can provide you with up to two cups of coffee at a time – which may not be enough for some, but is great for personal use or couples.

2. 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter




  • Weight: 50 g
  • Dimensions: 7.5cm x 7.3cm
  • Material: Stainless steel and BPA-free plastic
  • Product Use: Gourmet backpacking
  • Includes: filter/dripper with fold down arms


Reasons to buy:

+ Lightweight
+ Easy to use
+ Portable 


Reasons to avoid: 

–  Awkward shape

Price: $26.99

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The 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter is as close as we’ve come to ticking all of the barista boxes. It’s easy to use, portable, sustainable and most importantly, capable of making a decent cup of coffee. 

Made of stainless steel & BPA-free plastic, the 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter is one of the lightest camp coffee setups you could ask for, weighing in at just 50 grams. As well as one of the lightest options, it could well be the most simple too.

The 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter can make between 1 – 3 cups of coffee per pour and requires medium to finely ground coffee to work best with the twill weave filter.

It’s simply a matter of placing the filter over a mug or cup, scooping the desired amount of coffee into the filter, pouring over about 40ml of boiled water and allowing the coffee to ‘bloom’ (around 30-60 seconds). After that, continue to pour water over the coffee evenly until you’ve got the amount of coffee you want! 

Not only is The 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter entirely washable and reusable, you also don’t have to buy and then throw out paper filters, or fiddle with them during the pouring process.

3. GSI Outdoors Personal Coffee Java Press




  • Weight: 306 g
  • Dimensions: 10.9 x 10.6 x 15.5 cm
  • Material: Copolyester
  • Product Use: Gourmet backpacking
  • Includes: Carafe with lid, insulating sleeve, plunger, mug, insulating wrap, sip-it lid

Reasons to buy:

+ Very durable
+ Easy to use

Reasons to avoid:

– Not dishwasher safe
– A little bulky

Price: $74.95



The GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press is one of the most popular French press coffee makers. It’s a great option for those who want to enjoy a fresh (and simple) cup of coffee while on the go. It’s compact and lightweight – perfect for brewing up to two cups of coffee.

The GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press also comes with a mug that conveniently stacks inside, so you won’t have to worry about bringing an extra one. Plus, it has a detachable filter for easy cleaning. That said, this coffee maker isn’t dishwasher safe, so you’ll need to clean it by hand (the horror!).

The whole French press kit is a bit heavy and bulky, but still light enough to carry around in your backpack for camping. The filter is reusable, so you won’t need to think about running out of filters while on your trip.

Like any good coffee press, the GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press has a silicon plunger with a silicon tip that will keep the grounds from making their way through. Combined with its quality filter, it guarantees excellent taste.

Both the plunger and the mug come with detachable insulated, cosy cloth wraps to protect your hands from heat and keep your coffee warm. An essential feature.

4. Bellman Espresso Maker & Steamer




  • Weight: 1451 g
  • Materials: 18/8 stainless steel, durable bakelite
  • Dimensions: 17 × 21.5 × 20.5 cm
  • Product Use: Gourmet camping
  • Compatible with: gas, electric, ceramic, campfire, induction (must be suitable for Grade 304 stainless steel).

Reasons to buy:

+ High capacity
+ Fancy features: steam wand, pre-measured scoop, pressure valve, flow controller

Reasons to avoid:

– Bulky
– A little heavy
– Pricey

Price: $349



The Bellman Espresso & Steamer is a great camping coffee maker for those who want to get delicious espresso that’ll rival your favourite local coffee shops.

This coffee maker can brew between three and nine shots of espresso at a time, which makes it handy when you’re camping with a squad. It also comes with a built-in steam wand that heats milk for cappuccinos or lattes, so you’ll enjoy your favourite coffee anywhere.

The steamer has a self-contained boiler that heats water to the perfect temperature for brewing espresso. A pre-measured scoop helps to measure coffee grounds perfectly every time. Additionally, it’s made from durable stainless steel, guaranteeing years of use.

The attached pressure valve accurately indicates the brewing level. While boiling, it’s recommended to keep the pressure at around two to three bars for best results. A flow controller allows you to keep the quality consistent too. It’s a serious bells & whistles piece of kit.

Although The Bellman Espresso & Steamer can fit in your pack, it’ll take up a considerable amount of space and is fairly heavy, more so when every ounce matters – so it’s best for car camping or short walks from the car.

The Bellman Espresso & Steamer doesn’t need too much effort to clean. The detachable drip tray allows for easy washing and the milk steaming wand can be easily rinsed under running water.

5. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker




  • Weight: 181.44 g
  • Dimensions: ‎12.07 x 11.43 x 29.85 cm
  • Material: ‎Polypropylene
  • Includes: The AeroPress, funnel, scoop, stirrer, 350 papermicrofilters, and a filter holder
  • Product Use: Lightweight hiking and camping coffee

Reasons to buy:

+ Easy to use
+ Versatile
+ Very portable

Reasons to avoid:

– Not all coffee roasts work well

Price: $39.95



The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is a great camping coffee maker for those who want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee without the hassle – it’s probably one of the most famous methods because it’s so damn easy This coffee maker can serve up to three cups of coffee at a time, perfect for mornings when you’re out at a campsite with friends, but it’s worth noting that many coffee addicts drinking a whole strong AeroPress all to themselves.

The AeroPress Coffee maker’s primary mission is to provide you and your coffee-lover friends with smooth and delicious coffee. It’s a simple device that uses more air pressure than a standard French press, and is known for eliminating bitterness.

BPA-free plastic and a microfilter ensure your coffee is free from impurities. Cleaning the AeroPress Coffee Maker is also straightforward. You can simply squeeze out the coffee ‘puck’ and rinse under water. It’s also dishwasher safe for a deep clean.

The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker comes with 350 microfilters, so you won’t need to buy new ones for a long while, though some hikers and campers buy metal reusable filters that can’t get damaged by water. The AeroPress kit also includes a scoop, funnel, stirrer, and filter holder, though you don’t have to bring all of these with you camping.

If you have basic know-how when it comes to coffee makers, you’ll find the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker pretty easy to use. It’s also designed for intuitive use, and newcomers to coffee culture learn how to use it in no time.

6. GSI Outdoors Mini Espresso Maker



  • Weight: 313 g
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Nylon
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.6 x 15 cm
  • Product Use: Gourmet backpacking
  • Includes: Espresso maker body and spout, double-wall cup, foam case

Reasons to buy:

+ Portable
+ Easy to use
+ Durable

Reasons to avoid:

– Can spill over the stove as brewing ends
– Takes longer than expected to brew
– Makes a relatively small amount of coffee

Price: $106.95



GSI has a few camping coffee makers on this list, and although this one bears the same brand name, it’s unique in its build and functionality. Highly versatile, the Mini Espresso Maker can be used with a camping stovetop or campfire. The best part about this coffee maker is that it’s pretty compact (and cute!) – it’ll fit comfortably into your backpack.

Simplicity sets the GSI Mini Espresso Maker apart from other coffee makers, including some by the same brand. There are three main body parts: a filter basket, an espresso puck, and a brew chamber. This makes the GSI Mini Espresso Maker very easy to use and clean. In turn, the reusable filter eliminates the need to pack extra filters on your trip.

Furthermore, this practical coffee maker is made from durable stainless steel, so you know it will join you on many camping trips to come. Its simple design makes it exceptionally easy to use, enabling you to make a double shot serving.

The GSI Mini Espresso Maker also comes with a double-wall stainless steel cup that will keep your espresso warm for longer. If you like to savour your coffee and enjoy its aroma before the first sip, this is the perfect coffee maker for you.

As the design suggests, the brewing process is quite simple. Once the drink is ready, the coffee maker will pour it into the cup as soon as it’s ready.

That said, you have to be attentive to not let the coffee pour on the stove. Moreover, it usually takes a bit longer than 90 seconds for it to brew coffee.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use coffee maker for your next camping trip, the GSI Mini Espresso Maker is definitely the one for you!

7. Bodum Travel French Press Coffee Maker Set





  • Weight
  • Dimensions: 8.0 x 18.5 x 9.0 cm
  • Material: stainless steel, plastic, rubber, silicone
  • Product use: Car camping, road tripping

Reasons to buy:

+ Portable
+ Durable
+ Keeps coffee hot for many hours

Reasons to avoid:

– Large gap at the bottom

Price: $57.95



The Bodum Travel French Press Coffee Maker Set is a good option for those who want to enjoy a delicious cup of French press coffee while camping or on the move. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around, as does its all-in-one design. This coffee maker also comes with a permanent reusable filter, so you don’t have to worry about packing extra filters on your trip.

What makes the Bodum Coffee Maker stand out among other French presses is its double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug, so you can still enjoy your coffee hours after brewing it.

The Travel French Press Coffee Maker’s parts are made from stainless steel, plastic, rubber, and silicone – ensuring it will be a reliable camping buddy of yours for many trips.

The silicone and mesh filter reduces sediments in your coffee, while the silicone band provides a more secure and comfortable grip to prevent slipping.

One of the downsides is that the space at the bottom of the French press, which is meant to prevent the grounds surging over the mesh, is a bit larger than it needs to be.

8. Wacaco Minipresso NS (Nespresso) Coffee Maker




  • Weight: 350g
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 7.0 x 6.0 cm
  • Capacity: 70mL
  • Includes: Cleaning brush and built-in plastic espresso cup
  • Compatibility: Nespresso capsules

Reasons to buy:

+ Stylish
+ Portable

Reasons to avoid:

– Can be difficult to pump
– Requires specific single-use pods (though these are now aluminium and recyclable)

Price: $49.99



The Wacaco Minipresso NS (Nespresso) Coffee Maker is perfect for those who like their coffee espresso style, strong and flavourful. This little coffee maker can make a perfect cup of espresso, thanks to its 8-bar (800 kPa) pump pressure.

What sets the Wacaco Minipresso NS Coffee Maker apart is its portability. It’s tiny and lightweight, perfect for packing into your camping gear.

The Wacaco Minipresso NS Coffee Maker is also easy to operate. Insert a Nespresso capsule into the machine, add hot water, unlock and start pumping the button – you’ll have delicious espresso in less than a minute.

The Wacaco Minipresso NS Coffee Maker’s innovative design is both functional and stylish, plus it’s super simple to clean – just remove the used capsule and rinse the machine with water.

The design of the Wacaco Minipresso NS Coffee Maker requires you to press the button and push small amounts of water through the device to deliver a steaming coffee shot, which some people might find it tricky to pump!

It’s kind of heavy and complicated for hiking, but at the same time pretty incredible, and one of the best ways to get proper espresso in the bush. Except of course, for the next option.

9. Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine




  • Dimension: 17.5 x 7.0 x 6.0 cm
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Water capacity: 70 mL
  • Ground capacity: 8g
  • Includes: Built-in espresso cup and scoop

Reasons to buy:

+ Stylish
+ Portable
+ Doesn’t need pods

Reasons to avoid:

– Can be difficult to pump
– Plastic construction

Price: $64.95



Minipresso GR is yet another great hand-powered espresso machine from Wacaco that doesn’t require batteries or power cords, making it the perfect coffee maker for camping.

This little machine is capable of delivering a surprisingly good espresso given its compact size. It only weighs 360g and is one of the most portable coffee makers on the market. The best part is that it comes with a detachable water tank holding up to 70ml of water, good for multiple espresso shots.

The Wacaco Minipresso GR also comes with its own brewing cup, dosing and tamping tools, a cleaning brush, and a carry bag to keep it all together, plus the protective case makes it all the more portable and convenient.

Like its little brother, the Minipresso GR is intuitive to use. Add ground coffee to the filter basket with the scoop that comes in the pack, apply a bit of pressure to level the grind, and fill the tank with hot water. Then, unlock the piston and pump the button a few times to pressurise and extract your perfect morning espresso with a delicious crema.

But just as with the Minipresso NS, it also may be difficult to pump and has a plastic construction, which might not be the preferred choice of some. No pods though!

10. GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip



  • Weight: 9.07 g
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.6 x 1.3 cm
  • Material: Nylon, clear polypropylene
  • Includes: Nylon filter with three legs
  • Use: Lightweight hiking

Reasons to buy:

+ No filter needed
+ Small and light

Reasons to avoid:

– Requires slow pouring to achieve good flavour
– Fragile legs

Price: $23.95



As the name suggests, the GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip is a very light and portable coffee maker, weighing just over 9g. It’s easily the lightest coffee maker on our list, which is perfect for those looking to save as much space as possible in their camping arsenal.

Despite its small size, the Ultralight Java Drip can still brew a full cup of coffee. As its simple design suggests, all you need is a cup, some ground coffee, and hot water.

Another great feature of the GSI Ultralight Java Drip Coffee is that it’s made from clear polypropylene, making it a highly durable coffee maker. It’s also BPA-free, which is a win for something you pour hot water through.

However, this coffee maker’s lightweight design has its disadvantages too. The plastic legs, which support the nylon filter, are fragile. When not in use, it’s best to store the legs inside the cup to avoid breakage.

Unlike other coffee makers, the filter can only extract the coffee ground’s true taste by pouring hot water slowly (ideally a gooseneck kettle, but anything with a lip or a spout should help). Pouring too fast will only result in the water spending less time with the coffee, resulting in a weaker brew!

11. Bialetti MokaPot Express




  • Materials: Aluminium alloy, acrylic boiler
  • Capacity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18 cups
  • Weight: 700 g (max capacity)
  • Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 15 cm (max capacity)
  • Product Use: Camping

Reasons to buy:

+ Easy to use
+ Versatile
+ Durable

Reasons to avoid:

– Difficult to clean
– Has to be monitored during brewing

Price: $39.90 to $139.00



The Bialetti MokaPot Express is a classic coffee maker that’s been around for many years and is still one of the best camping coffee makers on the market. Depending on the size you go for, it can brew up to 18 cups of great-tasting coffee at once, making it ideal for travelling in large groups.

You also don’t need much to operate the MokaPot Express – just ground coffee, water, and a camping stove. Additionally, this coffee maker comes with a safety valve that releases excess pressure, making it safe to use.

This stovetop coffee maker is made from aluminium, making it lightweight yet reliably durable. It also comes with a heat-resistant rubberized handle to ensure a good and safe grip. The tough design and affordable price has made the MokaPot a favourite with car campers.

The Bialetti MokaPot Express has a unique design that sets it apart from most other coffee makers. It has a chamber that brews the coffee under pressure, resulting in a solid and flavourful cup of coffee.

However, because of its pressurised brewing technology, it can produce very bitter coffee if you over-extract the coffee grounds, or leave the water for too long in the coffee maker to warm up. Shorten the brewing time by preheating the water before mixing the coffee, and take the coffee maker off the heat before it makes a gurgling sound.

Finally, cleaning the pot can be a hassle. You need to unscrew the top and remove the gasket and filter to get the coffee grounds dislodged from the container. Some residue may be left if you don’t use soapy water (but some say it all adds to the flavour).

12. Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press




  • Weight: 36 g
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 14.8 cm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Product use: Hiking and camping

Reasons to buy:

+ Light
+ Compact
+ Easy to use

Reasons to avoid:

– Requires you to have a compatible Jetboil
– No pouring spout
– Needs a lot of water to clean, makes your Jetboil dirty

Price: $29.95



The Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press is a lightweight addition to your Jetboil cooking system that allows you to make French press coffee. It weighs just 36 grams and shouldn’t take up any room as it stores inside the Jetboil pot. It’s compatible with Jetboil’s Flash, MicroMo, and Zip cooking systems.

This coffee maker is made from silicone and is very durable. The high-quality silicone body is heat-resistant, which is important when it’s made to dunk in boiling water. The stem can disassemble and store away in your cup or the Jetboil pot.

Using the Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press is pretty straightforward – just add your ground coffee and hot water, while you wait, put the stem of the French press through the Jetboil lid, then wait 3-4 minutes. After that, simply put the lid on and press down on the plunger and you’re ready to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

One downside is that Jetboil doesn’t include a pouring spout in its compact design, making it harder to pour the coffee without spilling it outside the cup. There’s a spout in the lid but it’ll dribble if you don’t commit!

Cleaning it also requires you to use more water since some coffee grounds can get stuck inside the press and the flash. This can be a hassle if you’re camping in areas with no or few water sources nearby.

13. Cafflano Klassic – All-in-One Coffee Maker




  • Weight: 400 g
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 22 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Includes: Hand-mill grinder, stainless filter dripper, drip kettle, thermal mug
  • Product Use: Road trips and car camping

Reasons to buy:

+ All-in-one build
+ Durable
+ Portable

Reasons to avoid:

– Small capacity
– May be hard to grind

Price: $55.00


The Cafflano Klassic is an all-in-one coffee maker that comes with everything you need to make a decent cup of coffee (except hot water). It includes a hand mill, grinder, stainless filter dripper, drip kettle and a thermal mug, so you don’t need to pack any extra equipment.

You may sometimes find it hard to open this coffee maker, due to its tight seal, but in general, it’s fairly easy to use. After you add ground coffee and hot water, and screw on the lid, it’s recommended to wait 3-4 minutes for the best result. Check out this video to understand the all in one coffee making system.

The Cafflano Klassic is made from stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean, plus the double-wall build guarantees your coffo will stay piping hot for a long time.

One of the best things about this coffee maker is that it comes with a nesting cup, allowing you to store all your coffee-making equipment in one place.

However, the compact size of some of the equipment can be an issue. The grinder handle is a bit small and can make it difficult to maintain a steady grip when turning it several times while holding the cup with your other hand.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an all-in-one coffee maker that’s easy to use, the Cafflano Klassic is definitely the one for you.


How do you make good coffee when camping?

It’s surprisingly easy to make a quality brew outback. Whether you go for the classic camp pour over, the self-contained camping coffee machine or a camp plunger, you’re guaranteed a fresh coffee that will surpass instant coffee.

How do hikers make coffee?

Hikers will need to consider the weight of their camp coffee apparatus more than those who are car camping and not required to carry all the equipment on their back. Hikers may choose to go with a pour over option like the Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Coffee Dripper or 2x Espresso Pour Over Coffee Filter given their compact size and hard wearing construction. The portable AeroPress Coffee Maker is also a popular option for hikers, but has a few more part than the filter options.

What are the different types of coffee machines?

The most common hiking coffee machines are coffee filters, plungers and french press style machines with the most advanced option being the portable handheld coffee machines like the Wacaco Minipresso.

What is the best coffee maker for traveling?

If you are able to carry more than a simple drip filter, machines like the Wacaco Minipresso NS (Nespresso) Coffee Maker are a good option for a consistent coffee with the help of Nespresso pods. Wacaco also make a Minipresso that doesn’t use pods and instead relies on ground coffee, which may appeal to travellers.

Which is better pour over or drip?

This will come down to personal preference when it comes to flavour, however many believe pour over packs a more flavourful punch. Both options tend to be as lightweight and as simple as each other for creating coffee while camping.

Final Thoughts

There are many different camping coffee makers on the market, and it can be tough to choose the right one for you. They often do different things very well, so it’s worth thinking about your priorities when you’re deciding what to buy. Making sure that you have the right camping stove is essential, so don’t miss our article on the 11 Best Camping Stoves in Australia in 2023.

We hope our list has helped you narrow down your options and zoom in on the best camping coffee maker for your needs. That said, we also highly recommend the guide on Gear Our Readers Can’t Go Without to make sure you’re fully prepared before you take on your next adventure.