It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new way to make coffee outdoors, but the JoGo Coffee Brewing Straw might’ve nailed it.


Earlier this morning two mates sent me a link to a strange little device.

It’s a metal straw for drinking and brewing coffee. It’s stainless steel with a silicon bit to put your mouth on, and most importantly, a metal filter that lets you drink directly from the cup.

It’s that simple, no need for fancy Bush Barista tactics, just chuck coffee grounds in your mug, pour in hot water, chuck in your straw, and get to sippin’.


jogo coffee straw specs

So Does It Actually Work?

Something so simple had me pretty quickly asking ‘What’s the catch?’. But the JoGo Kickstarter page has addressed most concerns.

The metal filter screws off and washes out in a way not dissimilar to a reusable metal AeroPress filter and importantly, is designed to last and last. A big sustainable tick right there.

The idea of drinking hot drinks with a straw in this fashion isn’t particularly new either. The design inspiration came from bombilla straws used by the Argentinian Guaraní people to drink Yerba Maté tea. You might have seen South Americans (or your mate who spent 2 months there) drinking tea in this way.

But the filters in that style of straw didn’t work for the fine grounds of coffee, and it took sixe iterations to really nail the design. Check it all out on the Kickstarter.

At around $30 AUD they’re not particularly risky either. Maybe coffee-by-straw is my new vibe.

jogo coffee straw things you can drink

Pretty neat eh? One of our editors Amy reckons you should grab a LifeStraw in the other hand and walk into the wild. Straws are all you need now.