We asked our friends at Wild Earth to put together their top soft coolers for every occasion, whether you’re camping with the family, enjoying a beach day or on a remote adventure.


Whether you call them camp coolers, eskies or chilly bins, we can all agree that lukewarm sandwiches suck and beer tastes better cold, no matter what the adventure.

However, sometimes the best cooler isn’t the one that keeps things the coldest, the longest, but rather the one you can actually carry to the picnic spot.

Here are four easy-to-carry options from Wild Earth that are still guaranteed to keep a six-pack or sambo cold.

1. IceMule Pro XLarge Cooler Bag 33L

Best Camping Coolers


The Ice Mule Pro XLarge Cooler Bag has a whopping 33L capacity (that’s 24 cans + ice for those who are wondering) and a high-quality design that makes it ideal for trekking essential picnic items to your favourite campsite or surf spot.

It can hold solid ice for over 24 hours and the welded seams will ensure it remains leak free… plus they make it float, so it’s a win if you find yourself floating overboard.

It’s also designed to be carried into remote, hard-to-reach camp spots, with shoulder straps and an ergonomic profile. 


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2. Camelbak Chillbak 30L Soft Cooler Pack


Best Camping Coolers


Camelbak’s Chillback 30L Cooler Backpack will help keep the crew well hydrated on the trails with space to comfortably cool 24 beverages and 6 litres of additional chilled water for extra hydration and cleanup actions (there’s a spigot located at the back of the back!).

It has the insulation to keep ice for over 72 hours and is designed with comfort front of mind, meaning it’s one of the easiest coolers to carry.

The Icemule option above is a similar style of cooler bag with portability at the forefront, however, the Camelbak takes the cooler cake, with the addition of a waist belt for added stability. 


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3. Hydro Flask Unbound 18L Soft Cooler Tote


Best Camping Coolers


The Hydroflask Unbound Soft Cooler Tote is a more casual option for local adventures and the perfect size for carrying your bottles of vino to your favourite picnic spot.

Its lightweight design comes with a removable shoulder strap for multiple carry options and the smart insulation keeps everything cold for up to 48 hours!


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4. Black Wolf 65L Hardside Ice Cooler



Ok, we couldn’t help ourselves… While it’s still ‘soft’ on the outside, there’s no denying this is a beast of a cooler at 65L.

The best part about this ‘cooler’ is it could also be used as a ‘warmer’. That is to say, with two self-contained compartments, you can pack both cold and hot items into the same unit and enjoy them equally at the other end of the trip.

Designed with adventurers in mind its sturdy build features durable, UV-resistant materials, rope handles, an in-built bottle opener, a fully insulated interior to keep everything ice cold and an easy flow drain spout for when the party’s over.


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