Thanks to the Explorer Project, we’ve been able to compile a guide of the best adventures near Sydney to help you get out and see your own backyard. This list has something for everyone!

Our Biggest Adventure Handbook Ever!

From hikes you can reach by train, to cheeky canyons, wild swims, and stunning summits, consider this list your go-to resource for weekend adventures. There’s over a year’s worth of adventurous weekenders below and we’re just going to continue to add them – reckon you can crack them all?

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Sydney’s lucky to be surrounded by national parks, beaches, inlets… the list goes on. It doesn’t take long to leave the city and enter places like Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains. Sydney could possibly be the best capital city for day trip adventures.

Everyone clearly knows about the busy hikes which are usually popular for good reason (cause they’re epic). But we want to provide you with that added value of serenity.

We’ve selected 17 hikes that are close, have the best views and, at the best of times, are pretty quiet. 

17 Stunning Hikes Near Sydney




You won’t believe how relaxing kayaking can be. Also, you won’t believe how close these kayaking spots are to Sydney. I have a feeling that you might drive past one of the spots every day on your way to work. 

These day adventures are perfect for a morning adventure and don’t worry if you don’t have a kayak. Most of these locations have kayaks available for hire. Saves you having to lug a couple of kayaks on the roof of your Toyota Corolla.

7 Spots to Kayak Near Sydney




It’s highly unlikely a lookout will disappoint. Even when it’s stormy the rolling clouds can be impressive. The best thing about a lookout is that you can also bring that extra bit of stuff like a chair or even some wine glasses. 

We’ve picked a list of lookouts that you can see epic views from any time of the day. There’s even a lookout that we recommend visiting at night time. 

5 Must-See Lookouts Near Sydney


Baltzer Lookout & Hanging Rock // Blackheath (NSW) Daniel Mulder. lookout, person, tree, horizon, sunrise, clouds, gap

Waterfall Chasing

That elusive sound of a waterfall echoing through a valley is the most relaxing sound out there. Surely you agree? If you’re not sure what I mean or totally agree then I highly suggest heading to a waterfall near you. Sydney is spoilt to have some of the most beautiful waterfalls on its doorstep. You don’t even need a car to find one of them.

Waterfalls Near Sydney


jeremy lam, upper gledhill falls, northern beaches, north shore, sydney, nsw, waterfall, wild swimming

Bike Riding

You heard it here first – bike riding is the next biggest adventure trend. This is one sport that suits all ages and levels whether it be a simple Saturday morning ride or a full day on the trails. It’s a quick way to see more when compared to hiking, so if trails are getting a little monotonous, why not jump on two wheels and adventure near Sydney?

4 Unique Bike Trails Near Sydney


fat bikes stockton dunes


There’s a high chance you’ve never canyoned before cause it’s not the easiest of sports to just pick up. Whether your first time is with a guide or you’re an experienced ‘gorge traveller,’ check out these epic locations for a splash around.

4 ‘Gorge-ous’ Canyons Near Sydney


Winter Canyoning at Tiger Snake Canyon // Newnes (NSW,) Warwick Harding, rope, abseiling, wet, moss


When was the last time you used the diff-locks? Head out to these locations to test that beast of a car you’ve been trying to get around Sydney in. 

Whether it be sand, mud, or just getting lost – take your car out and let it do what it was built for.

The Best 4WDing Near Sydney

Wild Swimming

Swimming in a creek, river or lake has to be one of the best ways to spend a summer day. It just hits different to a pool and you don’t get that chlorine stink when it’s freshwater. 

To quote Frank Ocean: Take off this suit and swim good!

10 Wild Swimming Spots Near Sydney


jeremy lam, upper gledhill falls, northern beaches, north shore, sydney, nsw, waterfall, wild swimming

Looking for Unique Adventures?

Remember that time when you randomly discovered a new path or adventure just near your home?

Well, it’s going to happen again after you read through these 17 adventures near your home. The great thing is most of them are free and family-friendly.

17 Hidden Adventures Waiting for You Near Sydney


Koala spotting Henry Brydon


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