Deserts & Dunes – A Field Guide

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Escape the rat race, find your space. The desolation of deserts and dunes can be a blessing, a place to clear your mind. Maybe you’ll try minimalism? Or venture out solo. Just make sure you take the time to look inward, out there.

Find Your Space

So much of Australia is desert, rolling dunes and wide open spaces. But how long have you spent in these barren places? What about alpine plateaus, or cabins in the woods? Places where you’re the only one to hear the tree fall in the forest.

Week 3 is about finding your space, and don’t worry, you don’t have to trek to the outback to do it. All you need is some time to yourself in nature. Whether that’s a solo dip in the ocean, sitting by a babbling brook, or climbing up a dune for sunrise, we’re challenging you to take a moment for you.

We’ve curated our favourite stories by Explorers who found their space, as well as digging up the best places in Aus and NZ to do it.

We also asked the mental health experts at batyr about how finding your space in nature can help take care of your noggin’. And strategies for keeping everything in check when you can’t spend as much time in nature as you’d like.

How To Get Involved

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Tips From batyr on Finding Your Space

  1. Don’t let FOMO rule your life. Taking time for yourself can be super valuable and leave you feeling ready to take on life’s challenges
  2. disconnect to reconnect’ taking time to disconnect from technology, everyday stresses and pressures, can help us reset and find a sense of calm and control again. Slowing doesn’t out in nature allows us to reconnect with what’s important again while finding gratitude for nature and reflecting on the things that are most important to us
  3. Feel small again – wide open spaces can give you a new perspective
  4. All sunshine makes a desert’ – we need the rainy days as much as the clear ones