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Unlock Outside was a 5 week adventure challenge that fast tracked you into the wilderness.

In total we had 287 people adventuring each week around the country and raised $5,010 for our challenge partner batyr!


The outdoors is a powerful antidote to poor mental health so we’ve partnered with batyr, a preventative mental health organisation made for young people, by young people.

Each week we focused on a different natural environment, how you can experience it, and the mindful lessons these environments can teach us.

And to sweeten the deal, there were weekly prize draws! Look up the hashtag #unlockoutside to see the fun!


Check Out Our Field Guides for the Challenges

Week 3 - Deserts & Dunes

Week 4 - Forests

Learn More About Unlock Outside

Who’s batyr? What will the weeks look like? Why are we doing this? We’ve answered all of your questions and more in this article!

#unlockoutside to share your adventures!

Unlock Outside

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