Under The Stars – A Field Guide

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There’s no better cure for the rumpus of everyday life than a night at the million star hotel. For our final adventure challenge, we’re spending a night under the stars, drinking in the Milky Way and falling asleep with the moon watching over us.

Time For a System Reset

Allowing our bodies to fall into a more natural rhythm, rising and falling with the sun, is the best way to reset our body clocks.

No more late nights rolling into late mornings, camping gives us the chance to take on a full system reset, allowing our bodies and minds to catch up with each other and find a better balance.

On the final weekend of Unlock Outside we’re challenging the community to a mass simultaneous campout!

We’ve uncovered some of the most beloved places to pitch your tent where you can join in on this joint system reset under the cosmos.

How To Get Involved

Step 1: Sign up to Unlock Outside – you can join in any time!

Step 2: For 5 weeks from the start of November go on an adventure in a new terrain

Step 3: Upload a photo or video of your adventure to social media and tag @we_are_explorers, #unlockoutside and the week (e.g. #underthestars)

Step 4: This will automatically put you in the draw to win that week’s epic prizes

Prizes: This week we’ve got 10 Knog Bilby 400 Headlamps & 20 Knog Quokka 80 Headlamps or a Tundra 45 Hard Cooler from Yeti.

Tips From batyr on System Reset

  1. Give yourself time to slow down and allow your body and mind to catch up with one another
  2. Be present – leave the technology and other distractions at home
  3. Don’t feel guilty about taking a break – this is all about physical as well as mental rest