Forests – A Field Guide

Trees are strong. They reach far into the sky and deep below the earth’s surface. They find homes in the most unlikely of places, still managing to hold tight. And when they stand together, they become a forest, mighty, bold, and grounded.

Staying Grounded

Whether in adventure or in life, sometimes you lose your footing. Your mind wanders, you stumble, and finding your feet again can be tricky. This is when you need to reach for a tree.

Week 4 has us heading through the trees and into the forest. Any kind will do – rain, pine, gum, mangrove – so long as you’re surrounded by towering trunks, far-reaching branches, and deep-seated roots.

We’ve dug up the best forests to bathe in around Australia and compiled our favourite stories about Explorers finding their feet.

Our challenge partner batyr has offered some sage words of advice on harnessing the power of nature to ground yourself on an adventure, and back at home too.

How To Get Involved

Step 1: Sign up to Unlock Outside – you can join in any time!

Step 2: For 5 weeks from the start of November go on an adventure in a new terrain

Step 3: Upload a photo or video of your adventure to social media and tag @we_are_explorers, #unlockoutside and the week (e.g. #forests)

Step 4: This will automatically put you in the draw to win that week’s epic prizes

Prizes: Up for grabs are a hammock and underquilt from Alton Goods and Ultra Glide trail runners and an XT10 pack from Salomon!

Tips From batyr on Staying Grounded

  1. Take charge of your mental health and your need to recharge. Allow yourself time to be still in nature
  2. Engage with each of the senses – touch the soil, inhale fresh, clean air, observe the different colours, textures and microlife around you, listen out for the sound of birds and animals
  3. Draw on the qualities of the earth you need most during challenging times – sturdiness, regrowth, persistence and tranquillity