We’re challenging you to Unlock Outside and get into nature five weeks in a row! We’ll all be running for the hills and we we want to see you out there!

Nature is Our Antidote

Freedom’s here! And we’re embracing it with open arms, packs on our backs, and eyes to the skies. 

Who would’ve thought we’d be locked out of nature for so damn long? Well it’s time to rummage around some drawers, find that old rusty key, and pop it in your front door – we’re unlocking outside and you’re coming with us!



The best cure we know of for the chaos of the last two years is time spent outside, and lots of it. When life gets a bit rough, nature is our antidote, and lately our doses have been tiny, irregular, or totally non-existent – and as for life, ooft. 

So together, we’re going to Unlock Outside and pack nature time into the end of this year like we’re stuffing an oversized sleeping bag back into its sack. 



What the heck is Unlock Outside?

Starting from Monday November 1st, for five weeks in a row, we’re challenging you to get outside.

Each week of the challenge we’ll be dropping a new guide to help inspire and plan your weekly adventure.

We’ve got some ideas on where, the how is up to you. Maybe you’ll run, maybe you’ll ride, maybe you’ll paddle, hike, climb or float. 


How do I sign up?

It’s all very official – we’ve made a cute patch and everything, scout style!

  • Click the link below
  • Order a patch
  • Chuck some coin to our challenge partner batyr (more on them in a tick)

Soon enough you’ll receive your custom-made patch to officially induct you into the Unlock Outside crew. Welcome!





Each week as you take on the weekly challenge and Unlock Outside, snap a pic or capture a video and chuck it up on social media. Tag @we_are_explorers and #unlockoutside and you’ll go into the weekly prize draw. We’ve got different prizes for every week of the challenge, so there’s plenty up for grabs!

As part of the challenge, we’re focusing on different elements of good mental health and raising money for our mates at batyr.

Who’s batyr and what do they do?

batyr is a mental health organisation, run by young people for young people, all about prevention and early intervention.

They want to help young folks combat the first signs of mental distress, rather than dealing with the issue once it reaches crisis mode.

Through school and university programs they engage a bunch of young people (15-30) in discussions about mental health, breaking down the stigma early on and encouraging open conversations. 

We love to see it!


Unlock Outside With Us!

You certainly won’t be alone in this. 

The whole We Are Explorers crew will finally be freed from lockdown too and nothing will be holding us back from getting TF out there! In fact, there’ll be thousands of Explorers all across the country raring to kick the door down and immerse themselves in that sweet, sweet naycha. 

The waiting has been done, it’s time to Unlock Outside!



Feature photo thanks to @henry_brydon