Life isn’t straightforward. Like a river, it bends and curves, twists and turns. It speeds up rapidly, then slows down again unexpectedly. It grows and narrows and sometimes, all of sudden, it feels like everything just drops off a cliff. But once you find your flow, beautiful things can happen.

Find Your Adventure Flow

For this week’s Unlock Outside challenge, we’re taking some advice from rivers by finding our adventure flow and letting it lead us. Whether in life or the outdoors, the paths we can choose to walk (or paddle) down are endless. But not every direction leads us to where we need to be.

To help you on your way, we’ve compiled stories from Explorers who found their adventure flow, mental health tips courtesy of our mates at batyr, and plenty of adventure ideas and locations to get you out there and exploring the stunning rivers across Australia.

Tips From batyr on Finding Your Flow 


  1. Acknowledge and accept all emotions that flow through you. Don’t fight them, let them run their course and you might find they’ll be on their way sooner than you think
  2. Stay mindful and try not to attach yourself to negative or troubling feelings and thoughts. Acknowledge them for what they are but then allow them to pass
  3. One way to do this is by appreciating the natural world and focusing on things that are going well
  4. Like a river, be adaptative and find new solutions and ways around things
  5. Rather than continuing to rush through life, take some time to stay still and observe what’s passing before you