It’s easy to see how The Lost City got lost, considering Brooke had no idea where she was when she got there either. Check out this whole day of 4WDing adventures near Sydney and don’t worry if you don’t know your tyre pressure from your winch kit, just grab a friend who does!


  • Muddy, bumpy 4WD madness
  • Spots to throw down your swag
  • Crazy impressive rock formations

'Get Lost' Near Sydney // 4WD Adventure To The Lost City (NSW), Brooke Nolan, view, blue mountains

When my housemate Phill came home with a new Land Rover I knew it could only mean one thing. I had to annoy him until he agreed to take me out in his new wheels. Luckily, it didn’t take too much persuasion and one Saturday soon after, four of us piled into his new chariot.

There was no real plan in place for the day, but Phill seemed to know what he was doing and headed in the general direction of the Blue Mountains. “We’ll work it out,” he said in his typical laid back style. Meanwhile, the OCD over-planner in me tried not to think about it.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about and Phill’s innate sense of direction led us to some pretty cool spots that should be on every four wheel driver’s bucket list.

'Get Lost' Near Sydney // 4WD Adventure To The Lost City (NSW), Brooke Nolan, railway carriage, zig zag railway, stop sign, urbex, disused

Clarence Railway Station

First up, we pulled into Clarence Railway Station, part of the disused, but soon to re-open Zig Zag Railway. Brightly coloured abandoned railway carriages and tunnels gave us plenty of amusement and photo opportunities.

From there, we followed a maze of dusty, bumpy 4WD tracks to Newnes Plateau. Who knows exactly where we were, but we passed plenty of other 4WDs with their swags out having just spent the night in the bush.

The journey consisted of muddy trenches, precarious dips, and hairy-looking hills punctuated by the odd nervous yelp from the three of us passengers, who had never actually been 4WDing before. Phill meanwhile, explained that what we were doing was actually pretty tame. Buy hey, it’s all relative right?!

'Get Lost' Near Sydney // 4WD Adventure To The Lost City (NSW), Brooke Nolan, rock formations, cliffs, views

The Lost City

We eventually made it to our main destination for the day — The Lost City. I had never heard of this place in my life, but as soon as we pulled up I was in total awe. It’s basically like a giant natural Inca ruin with a touch of the NT’s Bungle Bungles Range about it.

We spent hours exploring, climbing to the top of rock formations and admiring the views. Some of it’s quite fragile, so make sure you put the environment first over your need to get the perfect gram.

There was one couple with their swag out ready to spend the night, which made me more than a touch jealous. I mean, imagine waking up with that view all to yourself?

After a few hours exploring and a stop to whip up some epic cheese and avo toasties on our camp stove, we hopped back into the car and headed towards Blackfellows Hand Cave in the Maiyingu Marragu Aboriginal Reserve. This rock overhang features a number of hands and weapons painted onto the stone, and was an ancient Aboriginal meeting site. Sadly, it’s been subject to graffiti and misuse in recent years, so if you’re heading there be sure to treat it with the respect it deserves.

It was the last stop of the day and tired, but buzzing from our adventure, we returned to Sydney full of dreams of what else lies out there to explore. Now…I think it’s time I buy a 4WD, right?

Essential Gear

  • 4WD
  • Someone who can drive aforementioned 4WD (and properly — they need to have rescue kits, know when to let tire pressure down, and all that jazz)
  • Water and food
  • Warm clothing (it gets chilly in them there mountains)
  • Camera
  • GPS/maps unless you have a weirdly accurate memory and sense of direction like Phill

How To Get There

The Lost City lives up to its name. It’s very easy to get lost on the way here, and when you’re out exploring all the nooks and crannies. Mobile reception is non-existent too. So basically, do your research first and be careful.

Considering I have no idea where we were, I’d suggest following these directions and feel pretty confident about where you’re headed before you start the engine. Good luck!

Skill Level

Intermediate (need to know your way around your vehicle as you’ll be a fair way from assistance).


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