The hike to Victoria Falls is short and steep, but oh so worth the glorious series of waterholes you’ll find when you reach the bottom.


  • Views into the Grose Valley
  • Beautiful swimming holes
  • Waterfalls and cascades

Cool Off at Victoria Falls

Tucked out of the way, past the tourist traps of Katoomba and Blackheath is the quieter, lesser-visited township of Mount Victoria. It’s the start of some amazing trails that drop deep into the Grose Valley. It’s probably well known to overnight hikers for the Burra Korain trail that snakes alongside the Grose River before reaching Acacia Flat campground

But it’s not just for long weekends and serious hikers. There’s also a great short walk to some beautiful swimming holes only a few kilometres from the car park.

The Victoria Falls Track is straightforward and although steep in sections, it’s short. It’s well signposted from the Victoria Falls lookout car park, so you shouldn’t go wrong.

After around a kilometre of descending you arrive at a fork in the trail. Heading right takes you to a beautiful natural plunge pool at the bottom of the Victoria Creek Cascade. It’s a great place to stop for a swim and even in the height of summer, the water can be surprisingly fresh.

If you find the first pool a little crowded for your solitude-seeking tastes, turning left at the fork in the track will take you further into the valley and past a number of equally beautiful pools at the base of more epic waterfalls. Just take your pick!

Suitably refreshed and blissed out, it’s a case of retracing your steps back the way you came to the car park. A top tip; it’s a short, sharp walk back out so save some water for the top. On a hot day, you’ll need it.

Essential Gear

  • Water
  • Swimmers
  • Towel
  • Sturdy shoes

How To Get There

To reach the car park you need to take a dirt track off the Great Western Highway called Victoria Falls Road. If you’re coming from Blackheath and you end up in Mount Victoria, you’ve gone too far and vice-versa.

Although unsealed, Victoria Falls Road is well maintained and shouldn’t be too difficult even for a small family car. Just take your time and you’ll be fine. At the end of the trail is the car park, with a basic toilet block.

Skill Level


This should be doable for anyone with a decent level of fitness. The hardest part will be the walk back up to the car park, which on a hot, summer’s day, can be hard going. If the forecast says sun, pack plenty of water. You’ll also need to watch your footing around the water holes. A slip here could make for a very tricky journey back out. Otherwise the trail is easy to follow.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain / Duration

From car park to the first water hole, it’s only around 1km, but the elevation is 900m+. More so if you opt for the quieter pools further down the trail.

In total, plan to take a few hours to allow plenty of time to cool off in the pools and take the walk back up at your own pace.