From a couple of hours to a couple of days, these are some of our favourite hikes in the Blue Mountains.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Countries on which these adventures take place who have occupied and cared for these lands, waters, and their inhabitants for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.


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Hiking in the Blue Mountains is a rite of passage for any Explorer (especially those who call Sydney home). If you haven’t been out there yet, don’t put it off any longer. Some of these hikes are only an hour from Sydney. The wild is calling your name! Listen up!

Single Day Hikes

Short on time but still want to fill up on stoke? These hikes can be done in an hour or two or a looong day. Either way, they’ll help you get your nature fix, without the heavy pack and arduous planning sessions. 

Here are a few of our favourite single day hikes.

1. Grand Canyon Track

Length of hike: 6km
Time from Sydney: 2 hours
Closest station: Blackheath

Just a few hours drive from Sydney, on the outskirts of Blackheath lies the Grand Canyon Track. A lush and winding hike up to Evan’s Lookout. This one can be tackled one of two ways. As a hike along the track, or straight up the guts of the canyon itself. Don’t worry, you don’t need any special skills or equipment for this one.


A Secret World Of Green // Grand Canyon Track (NSW), Rachel Dimond, log, looking up, gazing, awe

2. Kanangra Walls

Length of hike: 500m – 2km
Time from Sydney: 4.5 hours

Out west in Kanangra Boyd National Park are the stunning Kanangra Walls. Although it’s a bit of a drive to get to, the actual walks are quick and easy. From the easy and flat walk to Kanangra Boyd Lookout, you can see the entire, sheer wall and out across the valley. For a longer walk, head out across the plateau itself. Boyd River Campground is a short drive from the walls, so why not chuck a tent in the car and spend the night?



3. Leura Cascades to Giant’s Stairway

Length of hike: 6km
Time from Sydney: 1hr 45mins
Closest station: Leura

The hike from Leura Cascades to Giant’s Stairway is high reward for minimum effort. A nice short walk, jam-packed with waterfalls and cascades from all different angles. Climbing the Giant’s Stairway at the end is a fair challenge after all of the beauty you’ve just witnessed. Plus emerging at the Three Sisters, there’s worse places to finish a hike.


What Goes Down, Must Come Up // Leura Cascades to the Giant's Stairway (NSW), Lachy Firmstone, water, splash, ferns, forest

4. Govetts Leap

Length of hike: 1.8km
Time from Sydney: 1hr 45mins
Closest station: Blackheath

PLEASE NOTE! The Govetts Leap lookout and picnic area are closed for upgrades. They are due to reopen in June 2023. For more information visit the National Parks website

The hike to Govetts Leap is so short, you can get it done before sunrise. After you’ve taken in the gorgeous morning light from the lookout (and woken up a bit more), take the rest of the track down the steep descent face of the cliff, all the way to Bridal Veil Falls. Don’t forget a torch!


Rachel Dimond // Explorer Of The Month - March '18, Govetts Leap Sunrise, sunburst, mountains, horizon, view, clouds

5. Wentworth Pass

Length of hike: 5km
Time from Sydney: 1hr 45mins

PLEASE NOTE! The Wentworth Pass walk is closed due to landslide. For more information visit the National Parks website

Another hike for the waterfall lovers out there (it’s all of us, don’t kid yourself). Wentworth Pass takes you deep into Jamison Valley, across creeks, down stone staircases and through dense rainforest. But it drops you off at the fairy-tale, Wentworth Falls.


Multi-Day Hikes

There’s nothing like a long weekend (or a regular one, or a sneaky weekday adventure) to tackle a multi-day hike. What could be better than spending a few days immersed in the goodness of nature? 

Here’s a few of our favourites from around the Blue Mountains

6. Six Foot Track

Length of hike: 44km
Time from Sydney: 1hr 45mins
Closest station: Katoomba

PLEASE NOTE! Bowtells Bridge on the six foot track is currently closed. For more information visit the National Parks website

This three-day hike takes you from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves – or the other way round if you prefer ending your hike trudging up a steep set of stairs. The Six Foot Track is a good hike to start with if you’re fresh to multi-day hiking. An absolute Bluies classic.



Photo by Gus Armstrong

7. Federal Pass to Mount Solitary

Length of hike: 30km
Time from Sydney: 1hr 45mins
Closest station: Katoomba

This overnight hike is the perfect way to spend a weekend. It’s accessible from Katoomba train station and you get to camp on top of Mount Solitary, which is pretty damn sweet. This track is a bit of a difficult one, with some steep ascents and the track becoming tricky to follow in some spots. 


Hike Narrow Neck to Castle Head for an Epic Sunrise, Dan Piggott, sunrise, Blue Mountains, valley

8. Baltzer Lookout and Hanging Rock

Length of hike: 11km
Time from Sydney: 2 hours
Closest station: Blackheath

The hike out to Baltzer Lookout and back to Blackheath can be done in a single day if need be. But why rush? Pack a tent (or not, if you want to star gaze) and set up camp for the night. The sunrise is always worth it.  


Baltzer Lookout & Hanging Rock // Blackheath (NSW) Daniel Mulder. lookout, person, tree, horizon, sunrise, clouds, gap

9. Glenbrook to Springwood

Length of hike: 20km
Time from Sydney: 1hr 10mins
Closest station: Glenbrook

This two-day hike from Glenbrook to Springwood is a great one to tackle in the warmer months, as there’s plenty of places to cool off along the way. It can be easy to lose the path though, so having a bit of navigation knowledge, plus a handy compass and map is recommended! It’s super accessible via public transport, so no excuses for those without cars.


Glenbrook to Springwood Walk Henry Brydon

Photo by Henry Brydon

10. Kanangra to Katoomba

Length of hike: 45-50km
Time from Sydney: 4 hours

If you’re reaaallly looking to test yourself, give the hike from Kanangra to Katoomba a whack. With very little signage, you’ll need to have your navigational wits about you for this one. Traditionally tackled in two or three days, our Editor, Tim attempted it in one. We don’t recommend you do the same.  

Hikes in the Blue Mountains FAQs

What is the best time of year to go hiking in the Blue Mountains?

The best time of year to go hiking in the Blue Mountains is usually in the shoulder seasons (Autumn and Spring) when the temperatures are mild.

What are the hardest walks in the Blue Mountains?

The Mt Solitary via the Ruined Castle is by far one of the hardest walks in the Blue Mountains. While mostly done as an overnight hike it can be done in one very long 9-10hr day.

How long is the Six Foot Track? 

The Six Foot Track is 44.3km long. It is usually completed as a three day hike.


Feature photo by Darren Schiller