The 10km Curra Moors loop track cuts straight through the Royal National Park heathland and spits you out in the middle of the Coast Track between two waterfalls that flow into the sea. How could you say no?

Quick Overview:

Curra Moors Loop Track trail is a 10 km, grade 4 hike located in the Royal National Park in New South Wales. The hike should take around 4 hours to complete.



  • Access the centre of the Coast Track without walking its full length
  • Whale watching! 
  • Watch waterfalls flow into the sea

Curra Moors Loop Track

We all know and love the majesty of the Royal National Park and its famous Coast Track, which extends along the glorious coastline from Bundeena to Otford. This 26km end-to-end trek has a bunch of iconic landmarks along the way. 

But what if you’re after just a taste of the Coast Track, without committing to the full 26km meal? Enter the Curra Moors loop track. Not too big, not too small, it’s juuuust right. 

Cutting Through The Forest

Taking off from the Curra Moors car park, the first kilometre or so of the Curra Moors loop track will have you squelching your way along a narrow, muddy trail through eucalypt forest. There’s even a small creek crossing to navigate, which may be the trickiest part of the whole hike!



Mud quickly turns to white sand beneath your boots, and the tall canopy opens up as you enter native heathland and catch your first glimpses of the big ol’ blue on the horizon. 

You’ll arrive at a fork in the road, which is where the loop begins. It doesn’t matter which tine you take, you’ll end up back here one way or another. 

From here to the coast, the trail is flat and wide, so there’s no reason to not pay full attention to the native flowers and mushies sprouting all around you.

Curra Moors Meets the Coast Track

After a few more kilometres of heathland, you’ll spit right out onto the coastal cliffs. If at the crossroads you took the fork to the left, when you meet the Coast Track, you’ll find yourself staring Eagle Rock dead in the eye. 



Wander down to Curracurrong Creek as it takes its final journey over sandstone rocks before falling over the cliffs into the ocean. You might even find a nice rock to enjoy lunch on! 



Now that you’ve joined up to the Coast Track, what you do is up to you! The official trail follows the boardwalks back south, over Curra Brook – yet another stunning waterfall flowing into the sea – across sandstone cliff tops and through scrub, before cutting back inland, just before North Garie headland, to meet back at the fork in the trail. 



If you have the time, why not wander down a little further south to catch the view over Garie Beach (or head down for a dip yourself). 

If you’d prefer to follow the track further north, there’s plenty of private places to perch yourself for a spot of whale watchingAs long as you don’t miss the entrance to the fire trail as it meets the Coast Track, how far and wide you wander is up to you! 

Essential Gear

  • Sturdy hiking shoes
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Snacks!
  • Water
  • Camera
  • Pals!

How To Get There

Head to Waterfall and enter the Royal National Park via McKell Avenue. At the junction, turn left onto Sir Bertram Stevens Dr and follow it to the Curra Moors Track Entry and park on the side of the road. If you reach the turn off to Wattamolla you’ve gone too far.


  • Hiking
  • Picnicking 
  • Whale watching 
  • Swimming

Skill Level


Although the track is relatively flat most of the way, the muddy sections and creek crossings mean it’s not accessible to everyone.

Distance Covered / Time Taken

10km if you stick to the track, but it’s difficult to resist a side trip along the Coast Track. 

4hr 15min  – with detours and a picnic lunch


Photos by @whimsicool