Escape from Sydney and join Explorer Tim as he checks out Kanangra Walls. Picture yourself enjoying unforgettable Blue Mountain views, without the Blue Mountain crowds.


  • Stunning cliff face views
  • Fun (but challenging) road trip
  • Stargazing and astrophotography
  • Camping amongst nature

The Lowdown

Around 200km out of Sydney deep into the Greater Blue Mountains area is Kanangra-Boyd National Park with the iconic Kanangra Walls. If you enjoy a good road trip and stunning landscape views then this place is a must. Leaving the city lights far behind, this area is also perfect for seeing clear night skies and capturing stunning astrophotography.

The drive is along steep, narrow windy roads. This fun and at times challenging drive is an adventure in itself. Like us, if you are driving at night be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife, we were lucky enough to spot Kangaroos, possums and even an Echidna along the way. The highlight of the Kanangra-Boyd National park is definitely Kanangra Walls. A stunning view stretching for miles across beautiful mountain layers. For me probably one of THE best views the entire Blue Mountains area has to offer.


TIM NORTHEY Kanangra Walls Blue Mountains NSW

From the car park at Kanangra Walls the first lookout is only a 15-minute walk. For us our first sight of this view was in the middle of the night; it’s a pretty special view day or night.

Another short walk from the car park follows signs to The Plateau. At the end of the walk, you are rewarded with even more breathtaking views and amazing cliff faces.


TIM NORTHEY Kanangra Walls Blue Mountains NSW


The Plateau is the ideal spot to sit and watch the sunrise over the beautiful valley below. For us waking early to catch the sunrise we were greeted with only a thick heavy fog and unfortunately missed most of the sunrise. This in itself can make some interesting photos though.

If you plan on staying the night and capturing some astrophotography the Boyd River campsite is located close to the Kanangra Walls car park. If you plan on spending most of your night capturing photos then you can always sleep in your car.

So next weekend grab a few friends, your camera and take a road trip to Kanangra Walls, definitely a view worth driving for!

Essential Gear

  • Camping gear (unless you are happy to sleep in your car like us!)
  • A good torch
  • Food and water
  • Camera and tripod
  • Decent walking shoes

How To Get There

Kanangra Walls is located within the Kanangra-Boyd National Park. Head towards the Blue Mountains and continue towards Jenolan Caves. From Jenolan Caves follow the signs towards Kanangra Walls.


  • Camping
  • Photography — Astro and stunning views
  • Bushwalking
  • Lookouts

Distance Covered

Walks from the carpark:

The Plateau — 1 hour return

Kanangra-Boyd Lookout — 30 minute return

Skill Level