If you’ve ever wanted to swim in a rock pool right beside the ocean, with waves crashing in and topping up its aquamarine water while you swim, look no further than the Noosa Fairy Pools.

Quick Overview

Noosa Fairy Pools offers 15km of coastal walking tracks in the Noosa National Park on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Driving from Brisbane, it should take around 2 hours to reach.


  • Swimmable rock pool
  • Scenic track with cliffs, beaches, and headlands
  • Turtles and manta rays
Granite Bay – Noosa National Park

Located in Granite Bay, in Noosa National Park, the fairy pools are roughly an hour walk past Devil’s Kitchen, along Alexandria Bay, and finally just beyond Hell’s Gates.

The walk itself is incredibly beautiful with cliffs, headlands, and beaches the whole way. On your journey, check out the spectacular cliffs at Cook’s Monument near the Paradise Caves (Adam Doyle’s discovery) – we spotted manta rays soaring through the ocean, and at least ten wild turtles.

photo credit Jordan Groth Saphira Schroers Noosa Fairy pools wild swimming

Photo by Jordan Groth

Starting at the carpark on Seaview Terrace (just over two hours drive North from Brisbane), you can walk down the beach and then make your way to the hill on your left (there is a well-marked staircase up the hill).

Follow the trail past Cook’s Monument down to Alexandria Bay, and then take the Tanglewood and Coast Tracks past Hell’s Gates to the fairy pools. You’ll probably see quite a few people heading right off the trail at the entry point to the pools, but if you don’t, keep an eye out for a generic warning sign which has ‘Fairy Pools’ scribbled onto it with a texta.

A Few Safety Notes

Make sure to check the tides before you go. The fairy pools are encrusted with barnacles which are sharp, especially if a huge wave comes smashing in at high tide! Don’t risk it. And make sure to test out the depth of the water and any hidden rocks in the pools before you jump in!

With awesome rock formations and turquoise waters, you’ll spend a delightful afternoon overlooking the ocean. There’s nothing like watching the ocean from above from so close a distance, admiring its power and beauty. The Noosa Fairy Pools are truly one of the best places for wild swimming in the country!

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photo credit Jordan Groth Saphira Schroers Noosa Fairy pools wild swimming

Photo by Jordan Groth

Essential Gear
  • Shoes appropriate for walking there
  • Swimmers
  • Camera
  • Sun protection
  • Water
How To Get There

Head North on the M1 for just over two hours from Brisbane and then turn off to Seaview Terrace. Follow walking instructions in the article to the pools.

  • Wild swimming
  • Walking
  • Wildlife watching
  • Photography
Distance Covered

50 minute walk and 3.8km which is accessible to most walkers.

Feature photo by Andy Lewis from Wild Swimming Australia