Saphira Schroers

Saphira Schroers, I Tested A Full Kit Of Cheap ALDI Hiking Gear Over Nearly 100km, down jacket, fleece jumper, hiking boots, Aldi, undies, socks

The Dark Side Of Cheap Gear

Is there really a difference between cheap and top-range gear? Quality of product is one thing, but there are plenty of other ramifications of purchasing cheap gear that we don’t see. I recently decked myself out in a full hiking kit from ALDI... Read More...

Saphira Schroers

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Saphira is a biology graduate with a love for wildflowers, coastlines, and mountains. Solo multi-day hikes are her favourite, but she loves all kinds of outdoor pursuits, including climbing and rogaining. She particularly enjoys experiencing the wilderness through the lens of eco-philosophy and eco-literature.