If you’re a fan of landscape eye candy but prefer not to overkill the legs, the Trowutta Arch track is the microadventure for you. Hidden amongst the Trowutta Caves State Reserve, this walk is only a 50-minute drive south of Stanley in Tasmania.


  • Revitalise the mind with calm sounds of the surrounds
  • Burn minimal energy along the easy walking trail through the forest
  • See one of Tasmania’s natural geological features

The Tranquility of Trowutta Arch

Once you arrive at the start of the state reserve, a few hundred metres further is the start of the Trowutta Arch track. You’ll see signage on the left-hand side guiding you to the start of the track. There are limited parking spots adjacent to the start of the trail, but most of the time you’ll have the place to yourself.

As you start your walk, you’ll be greeted by a refreshing smell of fresh air. Just take a few deep breaths to clear the mind and start to continue your walk through some of the greenest rainforest you’ll see in Tasmania. The stillness you feel walking through the forest is unearthly. If you’re lucky a few local residents may come and say hello as you pass through (wallabies and wombats).


Forest of Natural Greens // Trowutta Arch (TAS) Aidan Cunningham trees forest


After a short 10 minute walk, you’ll be greeted to a most interesting geological feature – the Trowutta Arch. As you walk through the arch your world changes from a sea of greens to a jagged wall of limestone, glassed by its own reflections in the ever so still murky water (if you’re looking for a place to swim, this isn’t for you).

Spend some time here looking around and taking in this natural beauty. Once you’re finished, re-enter through the arch back into the magical world of greens. It really is like walking through 2 different parts of the world. It’s a short 10 min return trail back the way you came.

Hot Tip: look left! Take in all the surrounds on your left-hand side on the way down, then on your way back up continue to look left and you won’t miss a thing.


Forest of Natural Greens // Trowutta Arch (TAS) Aidan Cunningham limestone cliff

Essential Gear

  • Water bottle
  •  A camera is a must! If you’re into taking photos, I’d advise anything from a nice 14-24mm wide angle to a 24-70mm lens. No large zoom lens needed.
  • Grippy shoes to avoid a slip!

How To Get There

A 50 min drive from Stanley, Tasmania. The trail is along Gun Rd.

Skill Level


Very easy short walk

Distance Covered

500m return


Feature photo by Mitch Cox