The rolling hills of the hinterland are dotted with secret swimming holes, lush walking tracks, breweries and cafes. The ocean is abundant with turtles, colourful reefs, and remarkable surf breaks. The land in between is a vibrant playground of townships, farmland, and natural wonders.

A region where community is paramount; where your neighbours are mates, and your morning coffee run will always feature a chat or two. 

Immerse yourself in our backyard – it’s time to explore The Tweed, like a local.


‘Growing up in these hills in the hinterland here was just incredible for my imagination as a kid… I’m so grateful for growing up like that. I just feel so at home… it’s beautiful.’

– Jonny Dustow, Tweed local



‘The Tweed rivals some of the best snorkelling and diving that I’ve done in the world, it’s really really extraordinary.’

– Keri Algar, Tweed local


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